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Monday, February 16, 2015

More catching up

I first need to start this post with a piccie of my pseudo grand baby...  My best friends daughter had a baby this year and her name is Emmerson.  She is just the cutest little poppet and is such a sweet little baby.  Spoilt rotten too may I add :-)

Unfortunately she does not live in the same state so we don't get to see her that often.

Work has been growing every month so much so that Stuart often spends his Saturdays at the office catching up on stuff.  We have an office here on the Coast, one in Toowoomba and have just opened up in Brisbane. We have employed a full time bookkeeper too so once she is up and going and knows the system my time will be free'd up a lot.  I still won't have that much free time on my hands though as we are holding our first charity luncheon this year in Emmas honour to raise funds for childhood cancer research so that will take up lots of my time. Cannot wait to tell you all about it as it is going to be a corporate luncheon with a twist.  Once the location and finer details are finalised then I can spill the beans.  It will be focused on everything Emma loved.

Jacob started University today eek, can still remember the day he was born... My how time flies.  I am hoping that he has an absolute ball and makes loads of new friends.  Can't wait to hear all about it this afternoon when I get home from work :-)

I went shopping yesterday- in a scrapbooking store.......... Bought a few bits and pieces then went home and constructed a page.  I was hoping that I would walk away feeling reinvigorated or with a new love of scrapping but alas it did nothing for me.  I  looked at the page and thought "what am I going to do with this now"  I still feel that I want to do something crafty but just don't know what.  I wouldn't mind getting into mixed media but cannot find any classes around the area.  I know Finnibair is coming back to Australia towards the end of the year so I will just have to wait for that I am guessing.

Anyway I cannot think of much else to chat about.  I am at work training the new accounts lady at the moment so I had better go as she will be finished her lunch any minute now.

Hope this finds everyone happy and healthy

Leanne :-)

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