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Tuesday, February 10, 2015

I'm Back

Don't know for how long but I thought I would fire this old blog up again and see what happens.  If it is just here for me to offload stuff then so be it.

 I lead a pretty boring life these days.  Work everyday, train 4 days a week and then hang with my man the rest of the time.  I didn't realise that it had been so long since I had visited this page and wrote something worth looking at (not that any of it is really worth reading)  I will give you all a brief run down of what has been happening in the Life of Leanne and Clan.  Spent lots of time with this man.

New Years Eve

Shopping in Brissie

Christmas Day


Nephews 18th

Training Awards Dinner

At the footy

Heading to Adelaide for a few days

There was other stuff that happened throughout the year as well........

I got a new car - This is Benny, Benny da Benz :-)

Trained hard and have managed to lose 13 kilo - yah me

Took Jacob to see the boys from Myth Busters

Eeeeekkkkkk the boy got his P's

Went to the Ray White Ball with gorgeous friends

Drank lots of divine wine in Barossa Valley

Saw so many churches in Adelaide - loads and loads

drank more wine in the Barossa Valley hehehehe

celebrated yet another birthday - don't like this getting old business.

spent time with nanny Wilma

This crazy chick came to the GC600 with her mummy and daddy



This boy graduated year 12 and attended the school formal

Certainly makes you feel old when this happens

Christmas day with the family

We treated our staff to a nice lunch which then continued on into the evening

The wonderful Dame Edna popped in on our Chrissy staff party

Enjoyed a weekend away with lovely friends

Our "Emma" Christmas tree

Looking good after a trim down

Remembering our beautiful little angel on what would have been her 15th Birthday

I baked this cake as this is what Emma would have baked had she been alive.  She always wanted a sponge cake with jam and cream for her special day xxxx

Miss the little goofball so much :-(

Well there you go - my year in a few photos.  Lets see if I can do better this year :-)



Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Glad to see you back!! LOVING all the photos!!! xoxox

Fiona said...

So lovely to hear from you Leanne. I think of you every now and again and wonder how you have been going. Lovely to see all the pictures.

Bron said...

Lovely to see you pop back look great and I am glad you are doing well. xx

Lizzyc said...

Well you are looking good on the outside, I do hope you are doing as well as you can be on the inside too.. I know you will always miss your Darling Em... but I do hope life goes on for you and there is much happiness to be had.. and yes we are all getting older and well done on your son for graduating and getting his license.. take care...