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Friday, February 20, 2015

Bad Weather

Holy cow.........

How bad is the weather and how scary for all those up North being battered by cyclone Marcia......Luckily there have been no causalities directly from the cyclone, well not that we have heard anyway

Cyclone Marcia hit land as a category 5 - worst you can get with 280+km an hour winds.  It had downgraded to a category 4 by the time it got to Yeppoon which just happens to be the most beautiful place I have ever been to.  We have friends up there so have been a little worried about them.  They are all ok though.

We are lucky where we are as the cyclone will be nothing but a rain depression by the time it hits us but that is not for at least another 36 hours.  I really don't think that we need anymore rain though as we have flooding here on the coast already.  We have a fast flowing creek going through our property at the moment.  Nice to have a bit of a water aspect to look at though  hehehe.

Am going to a ladies luncheon tomorrow so hopefully I can drive there and not have to swim lol.  I have baked a beautiful cake thanks to one of the girls at work for the amazing recipe.  I will post a piccie later once I have decorated it.  It is a ginger chai spice cake or something like that.  It looks yummy, smells yummy and I'm not saying that I picked a bit of it or anything but it does taste a little yummy too :-) Can I just say that as healthy as it might sound - it isn't, the amount of butter and sugar is a disease waiting to happen.  I am not going to eat any of it anyway so all's good :-)

It looks as though we almost have a venue locked in for Emma's charity luncheon.  We are hopeful of raising much needed funds to aid in the research of childhood cancers and also funds to go towards a not for profit organisation that assists families of children with cancer.  I know that this is something Emma would have wanted us to do in her memory.  Emma loved nothing more than being there for other kids and helping them whenever she could.  She would often get out of her bed and trolley in tow go visit them and read stories or just play with them.

So much work to do to get it all happening though, it is a tad scary........ I am hoping that she is up there pulling some strings for us

Anyway I have chewed your ears off for long enough.  I hope this finds you all safe and (unlike us) dry...............



Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

That storm looks super scary! Praying for everyone in its path!!!

Lizzyc said...

I feel for those who have suffered great loss, we have been spared any nasty weather here.. Take care!