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Saturday, August 10, 2013

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Wowsers has it been that long? May 3rd was my last post.  I guess I don't really have much to say these days.  It is not like I have a story to tell anymore since we lost Emma.  Cannot believe that on the 15th of this month it will have been 7 months since she gained her beautiful angel wings.  7 months without hearing her voice, 7 months without seeing her gorgeous face or running my fingers through her hair as she slept.  7 months of sadness and 7 months of hell....... There have been good days where I sit back and remember some of the crazy things that she would do and say.  I am sure that she is running amok and driving everyone crazy up in heaven.

So what have I been doing these past few months?  Not a lot really.  I have started working as a Early Learning Support at the children's school and am doing my Certificate III in Education Support. It is keeping me reasonably busy.  I also work at our business (Aurora Training Institute) most other days.  I try to get in at least 2 gym sessions a week to keep this old body working.  It really does suck getting old.  You cannot seem to move as quick as you used to and it is harder to get off the floor once you actually get down there that is....... It is just another thing to keep my mind from wandering.  The busier the better.  Speaking of busy, we have the 2014 Relay for Life coming up in March which is great.  We had our first year this year and we have taken so many ideas away from it for the 2014 relay.  I have so many things going around in this head of mine (good thing there is heaps of empty space up there otherwise my skull would explode lol) Once I have more info I will tell you all about it and I will also start hitting you all up for some donations :-)  Our aim this year is to raise $5,000 for Cancer research.

Well I have saved the best for last ;-)

Have I ever mentioned that I have two pretty amazing sisters in law.... No I haven't well let me tell you.............I have the bestest :-)

Me, Sarah and Simone
Luv you guys
This last weekend was one I won't forget for a long time as on Friday I boarded a plane and flew to Sydney where I then jumped into a taxi and drove to the Novatel in Darling Harbour.  Mmmm nice I hear you say. Yep it was.  Not long after my arrival a Toyota Prado filled to the brim with excited ladies and lots of alcohol pulled up and so the party began....... I was in Sydney to see Pink with 8 other amazing women 2 of which were the bestest (remember) Friday night we went to a lovely Japanese restaurant where we experienced a divine meal. It was a weekend of firsts for some of the ladies, prawn heads and raw meat etc etc........ once we were done and dusted with our meals we promptly loaded our buts into two taxis and headed into the Cross where some of our group were longing to find a male strip club - no honest for once I wasn't one of them - I promise :-)  Alas there are no male revues in the Cross.  I am sure there would be plenty of titty bars but no dickie bars hehehehehe. We ended up in a nice place called the Bourbon bar if I am correct.  It was a kinda jazzy type of place filled to the brim with all sorts..... and I do mean all sorts

Luckily there were no hangovers Saturday morning although I really need to teach my sisters in law the art of a good sleep in.... 6.30 I believe was the time that we woke up.... I mean come on who in their right mind gets up at 6.30am.......Oh well no use complaining because if you knew these girls then you would know that you wouldn't really have a chance anyway :-) best just to go with the flow

Shit, tried my outfit on that I was supposed to wear on Saturday night and wouldn't you know it - my boobs were just too big for the shirt and were popping out everywhere lol.  What a pity - that would mean that I would have to walk into the city and shop.  Oh bugger isn't that terrible - NOT.  I love to shop and while the girls were doing other stuff I decided to slip off and go but some stuff.  Got some good bargains too and even managed to get lost.  Yep I got lost in the city and couldn't figure out how to get back to Darling Harbour.  Luckily I remembered Myer and the bumble bee.  Only the girls on our getaway would know what that means but it was how I found my was back.

Saturday night - woot woot we were off to P!nk.  We were picked up by a stretch Pink hummer and drove around the city for an hour where there was copious amounts of drinking and laughing.  Oh my what a rowdy and noisy bunch of women.  So much fun but even more to come when we got to the stadium. We were in the mosh pit..... yep an old lady like me in the Mosh pit with all the youngins'

ARGHHHH I cannot begin to describe how FANTABULOUS P!nk was live.  I don't believe that I will ever be at another concert as great as, well not unless it is another P!nk on that is.

All too soon the concert ended and so did my weekend away.  Back to reality on Sunday.  I landed and was swept off my feet by my gorgeous man.  Well he didn't actually sweep me off my feet but he was nice enough to pick me up from the airport.  I had enough time to come home and unpack and then it was off to the footy.  I can assure you all that I was in bed by 9pm on Sunday night.  I was soo tired thankfully I didn't have to go into work early Monday morning as I was still tired that day.. The older you get the longer it takes to recover from a big weekend.

Well there you have it. As I said I haven't been up to much, if you have managed to get through this post then give yourself a big pat on the back and get your self a nice glass of bubbly.

Oh and I forgot to say - HELLO NESSIE ;-)