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Friday, May 3, 2013

Same old, same old

Today brings us to the 15th week anniversary since we buried our little Chicken legs (Emma).  Life seems to go on, people return to their normal activities and I often wonder why, why are you not still grieving the death of our child.  Yes it does sound selfish but as a mother of a child that has passed they are my feelings and I know for a fact, after talking to other mothers that they too felt this way. For us life will never be the same it will eventually get back to normal but it will be a new normal.

Just wanted to share this picture I took the other morning.  This is where we girls do our morning walks. So beautiful and peaceful

I feel sad when we go out and do things and Emma is not with us to enjoy it.  I know for a fact that she would have loved the trip Stuart and I did up to Rockhampton the other week.  She loved 4 wheel driving with daddy and nothing ever scared her (unlike me lol).  We had the QLD FJ Cruiser Summit which raised in excess of $3000 that was given to the QLD Cancer Council.  We had an amazing time and met some wonderful people.  We stayed at the Island View caravan park at Kinka Beach near Yeppoon and it would have to be the cleanest, tidiest caravan park that I have ever been too.  Only quite small too which made it even nicer.  The staff were so obliging and bent over backwards to make our stay the best it could be.  There were 24 FJ Cruisers there and it was just fantabulous.  We spent 3 days going here, there and everywhere and saw some beautiful parts of our state. Lots of photos to share:
Five Rock Beach - the most beautiful place

Heading to Five Rock Beach

Cannot believe he managed to stay still enough to shoot him

Day 2 outing

Nothing like a cuppa on the beach - Nicole :-)

24 Toyota FJ Cruisers all in a row

uh oh someone got a wee bit stuck

Just a bit of harmless fun

more harmless fun

and yet again more armless fun

This was a bit of a scary road to get down 

stoked that he got through one of the hazards

reflection on the beach

playing follow the leader

the places we went to were so beautiful

beautiful fresh water hole

playing with my camera but didn't have tri pod so not many turned out

Nic and Aeisha (best cook ever)

more fresh water hole

our lunch ground - so picturesque

Have been flat out trying to gather all the information to RPL my Education Support Qualification.  Phew what a mission.  It looks as though I may be able to RPL pretty much most of the Core units which will save loads of work.  That will then leave me with only6 units left to complete.  I have been loving my new position at Hillcrest The children in the year 2 class are just divine little people.  So many different personalities.  They all have one thing in common though - they all love a hug :-)

I created a layout last Friday night at a Kaisercraft scrap night.  Find it so hard to scrap these days as Emma was my main subject. When i take a photo of it I will share with you.

Mum decided to fly up and surprise me last week.  Nice having the old chook around :-)

Thats it from me.  Not alot to say really

God Bless

Leanne xxx