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Friday, April 5, 2013

12 Weeks Today

Wow I just cannot believe that it has been 12 weeks since we laid our dear sweet baby girl to rest.  The pain is still so raw and I often wonder if it will ever ease.  Just is not right for a parent to bury their child.  So many children are still dying from this horrid disease.  Surely if we can put men on the moon - we can cure cancer................ Just don't get it........

This was our first Easter without our little princess and it was hard as this would have to have been her favourite holiday of the year.  You see, Emma was a chocolate lover from way back.  If she could have had chocolate for breakfast, lunch and dinner then she would have :-)

Stuart Jacob and I drove down to Tea Gardens/Hakes Nest to spend Easter with the family.  It was fun seeing the kids on Easter morning but also sad knowing that Emma should have been there celebrating too. The drive takes about 7 1/2 hours and let me tell you that patience has never been my virtue.  I loathe driving that far.  It probably would not have been too bad had I been allowed to actually drive but alas Stuart was having no part of that.  Humph he certainly doesn't mind me driving after he has had a few wines though........ Here are a few photos of our weekend away.  We are lucky enough that the family own a large outdoor adventure camp The Great Aussie Bush Camp.  We had loads of fun on the new high ropes course, archery and of course the humungous new flying fox.  Don't think it is as big as the other one they have but still fun.
My sister in laws and I were supposed to go horse riding on the Saturday.  Wow what a fizzer that was.
We headed out to Bulga Creek all excited and ready for an hours ride only to arrive there and not see a horse in sight.  The young lady asked us if we had seen the horses when we drove in and we said no.  We can't find them she says.....  She told us to get ready and put our helmets on.  OMG the helmets were disgusting and full of ants and spiders.......I refused to wear one so she gave me hers.  We asked why she was't going to be wearing one and she said that there were not enough horses as all but 4 were lame..and that she was just going to walk the horses.  Yeah right why would I want to be led around fro an hour when I was expecting a proper this stage we had been waiting 20 minutes.  At this point we were discussing amongst ourselves if we should just go get our money back and go home.  Horses still had not been found or saddled.  Enough was enough so we ended up getting a refund and headed home - all a little sad that we didn't get our ride but certainly happy to be out of that place.  There was one poor horse there that looked like it needed a good feed.  Felt so sorry for it.  So Warning to all those who are thinking of heading to Bulga Creek to go horse riding - DON"T DO IT........

My gorgeous Nephew, Tyler

Stuart on the High Ropes course at our camp

Sarah and Cooper enjoying the high ropes course

Matthew on the final part of the course, the flying fox

Jacob and his nanny

my handsome man xxx

Stuart threw me over his shoulder and I still had hold of my camera :-)

Cooper giving me his serious look

Cooper in the back ground with his boogey board

My little Jack Jack, so adorable for a three year old

Jack Jack again playing with his bubbles

Little Finlay enjoying the pippies that the big boys caught

My spunky sister in law (Sarah)

Spent the day here on the beach, absolute perfection.  Gotta love Australia

Matthew harnessing up for the big flying fox

We are so very blessed to have such a beautiful close knit family.

I have started studying my Certificate IV in Education Support and have been lucky enough to get  part time work at Hillcrest Christian College.  I am going to be learning support helper for a child with speech learning difficulties.  Am so excited that I have been given this opportunity.  The study is going to be difficult but I want this so bad so I will get it done.

If you have made it to the end of this post then HOORAY as it seems like a bit of a long one.   Would love to share some creative stuff but just haven't had the urge to do anything these past few months.  Sneaky little Miss Em must have taken my mojo with her......  Just like her to do something like that :-)

My dear friend Alex has her induction at her Church this weekend.  She is now the Youth Pastor at Church of Christ Burleigh Heads and will be preaching this Sunday.  Well Done Alex :-)

Leanne Love :-)

Life your life to the fullest and have no regrets - life is far too short


Jo Baker said...

My thoughts are with you and the family Leanne. Whilst I can only imagine how hard your first Easter without Emma was, I'm thrilled that as a family you have some wonderful memories created together. This place looks magical.

My folks have a weekender at Hawksnest - I used to go there school holidays growing up to visit with my uncle - it is a very special place. Must remember to look up your family's camp next time we are down that way - my kids would love it.

Stay strong xxx

Sue Cook said...

I quite often think of you and your family Leanne and also of sweet Emma. Even though I have never personally met you, I feel like I know you and wish I could do something, anything, to help ease your pain. I can't even imagine what you are going through but I am so glad that you have such an amazing family and are able to support one another unconditionally. Love to you all. xx

Kelly said...

It looks like a fabulous time away. Great pics Leanne. And congrats on your job at Hillcrest xxx

Allison said...

Such a bitter sweet easter for you! Always inspired by you and your faith.

Will be praying for your study! being a student myself (an older student) I understand the pressures that come with it without having grief to work through like you. Such a blessing it will be for both you and the children at the School! xxoo

Lizzyc said...

12 weeks and I am sure your heart has felt each minute without your dear Em.. Each occasion will bring with it that ache and emptiness and all the wishes that could reach to Heaven for your dear daughter wishing she was there with you.. I do send you my prayers still and will for as long as I read your blog and remember your sweet Em who has touched my heart with her brave life.... I am sorry you missed out on your horse ride, I feel sorry for the horses, sounds a bit suss that they were lame.. doesn't sound very good.... but the rest of your time away looks wonderful on the beach.. I wish you all the best too with your study, I think this will be s great opportunity for you and I believe you will do well... take care.. love lizzy..

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Looks like a wonderful weekend ... sorry the horse rides didn't work out ... love the photos!!

Karen Shady said...

I too often think of you Leanne... I cannot even begin to imagine the pain you must carry around with you, every minute of every day.. My heart aches for you... I pray that things will become easier for you in time, and that you can find happiness, and beauty in life again.. Your Emma is always with you.. big hugs my friend xx

Karen Shady said...

this is so weird.. when the word varification came up, for my post I just wrote... the letters said ighteMMA !!!!!!

Bron said...

what a beautiful time you all look like you had. xxxx

Anonymous said...

So glad to read your getting out and about and having some good times. These photos look like lots of fun, thanks for sharing.

What a pity about the horse riding fail. They obviously don't understand how to operate a business properly if the riding helmets were filthy and the horses went missing.

Congrats and well done getting a job at Hillcrest Christian College. That sounds amazing, I wish you all the best with it and your studies.

Have a good week and keep safe. Lots of love and friendship from Susan McGuire xxxooo

Anonymous said...

Glad to see you are moving on positivly. Sometimes life goes on the rocky road but it turns out that its smooth.
That life changing occourance has not changed your faith which is amazing! Good luck in life, somthing good is coming your way!!

Anonymous said...

Rip talia joy a beautiful 13 year old beauty guru from youtube like your emma taken away from this world by cancer