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Thursday, January 10, 2013

Rough Days

Boy oh Boy have we had a few rough days with Emma.  These past couple of weeks have been so very hard for the poor little chickadee.  She has been vomiting at least 5+ times every day with fevers and just totally depressed.  Things have started to turn a corner though - actually she has started to feel a little better ever since last Friday when she had her first high dose Vitamin C an B infusion.  She will be receiving these twice weekly to try and keep her energy levels and overall feelings up a little.  It seemed to work so we will keep going.

She is still sleeping lots, usually going to bed at about 8pm and then not waking until 10.30am.  Obviously her body is needing the extra sleep to try and repair itself.  All this cancer fighting is exhausting her tired little body.

She celebrated her birthday on Friday and had her party on Saturday.  She woke up Saturday morning depressed and wanting me to cancel the party.  I refused as Make a Wish had put so much time and effort into getting this up and going for her I was not going to disappoint.  She argued with us but we insisted she try and come outside and watch it all.  She managed about an hour and then came back inside and fell asleep.  Her friends even managed to get her into the pool although she refused to swim in it as it was a little cool for her.

I am hoping to get the photos soon.  There were some amazing ones taken and I can share a couple with you that I have taken off Facebook.
Jordan Jansen, Dale and Miss Emma with her signed picture from Jordan.

The cake cutting with mummy and daddy

Mishae and Emma

Nina, Emma and Brittany and Rikki the Ranger

Emma and her incredible cake

The lolly table - yummo

Grab a coconut and lei on your way in 

Dale (party planner extraordinaire) and Miss Emma

These are the amazing women from Make-a-Wish who made this party possible for Emma

The photographer (Erin) was super amazing and we cannot thank her enough for documenting this event for us.  Another person we need to thank is Jordan Jansen.  Jordan is an up and coming star and he kindly came down and entertained the girls for us.  They all loved him especially the odd one or two.  Oh to be young again.  Jordan - Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.  You are an amazing young man and we will be watching you every step of your journey.

One of Emma's birthday gifts was a voucher to go over to "Build a Bear".  Emma woke up this morning feeling a little better so we headed on over and she built a bear.  Her name is Tilly and she is the cutest.  Her cousin Katelyn also built a bear and she named hers Brax.... cute .......

Emma, Katelyn and their bears "Tilly" and "Brax"
As soon as the bears had been built and dressed Emma said it was time to head home as she was a little tired.  I was just pleased that I managed to get her out of the house for an hour.  She rested for a while and then when dad came home from work she went and sat down in the pool with him.  Thing are never going to be better for Emma but at least she is feeling well enough at the moment to enjoy these little moments.

God Bless and to those who pray and send us kind thoughts - thank you



Anonymous said...

You birthday party looks amazing beautiful Memma. And so do you. I'm glad you came out and and saw all the special things for your special day.

And Leanne, big love to you. You're doing a tops job.

Michele the Witch said...

Keeping Emma and your family in my thoughts. I know I haven't been commenting or been in touch but I do follow what is happening. I am glad you got her to join the party even if it was only for a while. Wishing I could do something, if ever there is anything, you only need ask.

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Keeping Emma in my prayers... I am sorry that she didn't get to enjoy her party very much! It looks like it was a lot of fun!

Bron said...

what a beautiful colourful fun party that was organised for doesn't matter how much she was physically there it is the memories that were created for her to remember in the tough are all so brave and congrats celebrating in style. xx

Kelly said...

Awesome pics Leanne. Wowee - look at that cake.
Hope poor Emma has more moments of feeling good. Sending big hugs xxx

Mandy said...

Wow, how cool is that party looking! I want a Hawaii party now! Great choice Emma! Love those coconuts! Awesome cake! Sounds like a fabulous time! Glad Emma could enjoy it too for a while. I'm sure she will talk about it for days! Party of the year already!

Wait till I show my sister this cake! She is a cake maker too! She will love it!

Terrific job by MAW!

Lizzyc said...

Happy Birthday Em! It looked like a wonderful colorful time!! What an amazing cake!! I hope you got to eat lots!! I am still praying and thank you for sharing this very personal and precious journey with us.. God please cover you with His wings...

Susanne said...

So glad she was able to enjoy at least a little of her birthday party. I think of her -and the rest of the family - a lot.

Lizzyc said...

I have just seen your post on facebook.. my heart goes out to you all... Emma has touched so many peoples lives more than she will ever know. May God give you the strength for the coming months. Your great loss is Heavens gain... I feel so sad With Christian love lizzy

Jacquie Bilney said...

I have been following your blog and Emma's story from Kim, Jemmah and Kristi. My heart goes out to you Leanne and your family. xxxx

Melanie B said...

Oh Lee my heart breaks reading all your posts. Please know that we are here and praying for you all. She was such a beautiful brave soul. All our love Mel and family xxoo

Mrs Frizz said...

Thinking of you and your special little angel.
Memories are forever and forever you will cherish them.
Big hugs from across the ditch,

Debbie Ryan said...

My daughter is a student at Hillcrest and has often talked about Emma. We were so sad to hear the news today of Emma's passing.

Reading your blog it is obvious Emma had an amazing life full of love and happiness. A beautiful girl who will never be forgotten, take care xx