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Monday, January 21, 2013

Almost a week

It has been almost a week since we said our good byes.  Wow the week has gone by so fast.  It has been a week of ups and lots of downs and lots of laughs as the family gather to recall funny times they have had with you.  Your funeral was amazing to say the least.  I laughed and I cried and sometimes both at the same time.  I hope you were happy with what we did.  We were all wearing blue and the girls were wearing moustache earrings.  Daddy didn't say a thing about the earrings although I bet he wanted to.  

For those that don't know the story - Emma had these cute little black moustache earrings and whenever she would wear them Stuart told her that she would have a shitty day. It became a bit of a joke for the two of them.  We buried you with those earrings and daddy said it was perfect.... You also took with you your baby doll Ali, she was with you since you were a baby and you took her everywhere.  She was in theatre with you for every surgery too and slept with you during every bad night.  You loved that doll like crazy and had many a conversation with her.  I hope you got to read all the letters that your cousins gave you to take.  There were lots that's for sure.  

I have been doing ok this week.  I believe it is because I know where you are and I know who you are with.  You are safe, free from harm and will never be sick again for all eternity.  You are now perfect Emma in every way.  I miss holding you, I miss stroking that gorgeous soft hair of yours and I really miss the times we would just sit and be silly or just talk.  I wish you could come home for just a moment so I could say goodbye properly and so that I could just see you one more time.  I guess there will always be those "just one more time moments" 

Emma Jade Love you were my rock, my little chicky licky, my everything.  I still cannot believe that it has almost been a week.
Love you to infinity (plus one) baby girl


Lizzyc said...

I cannot even imagine what your week has been like, but I have thought of you every day and you are in my prayers. Your faith and strength are amazing and Emma truly has touched so many lives. I wore blue on Friday and felt a heavy heart all day. I too believe that Emma flew into Heavens gates and in some way she has her divine healing now. I will continue to keep you in my prayers.

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Every time I think of her ... my eyes fill with tears... hugs to you....

Anonymous said...

Thinking of you every day x

Bron said...

This was lovely just as I imagine her farewell was too.....take care and be gentle and kind to yourself. xxx

Len Merriman said...

We hope the pain of loosing our child will one day get easier. Lets pray they are finally free of their hurt. This hope has given me some peace this past year.

Charmaine said...

Im very sorry for you and your family Leanne.

I think of Emma and your family at odd times.


Sue from Cyprus said...

My heart aches for you and your family.

Tracie D Isagenix Consultant said...

Dear Leanne and Family,

I am so very sad to read of Emma's passing. I have been following your blog for quite a while and was so shocked to read of your loss.

I am thinking of you all.

Tracie xo