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Saturday, December 29, 2012

Goodbye Louie the Fly :-)

{sponsored by Nuffnang}

Recently I was lucky enough to be chosen to try out the Mortein Automatic Outdoor insect control system.  It could not have come at a better time what with Christmas just two days  away
We have had a slight issue with mosquitos and flies in our outdoor entertaining area of late so this was going to be a great spot to try the Naturgard Automatic Outdoor Insect Control System before all the relatives rock up on Christmas Day.  

There is nothing worse that enjoying the beautiful weather we have up here in Queensland only to have it ruined by those pesky annoying little critters.
sitting nicely beside the outdoor tv.

Well I am impressed........ The mozzies are no more as well as those horrid little flies.  I am pleasantly surprised and incredibly happy that i have no mozzie bites anywhere. The best thing about this product is that I can now stay outside at dusk an enjoy not being harassed by insects.  

The other great thing about the Outdoor Insect Control System is that it is portable so I can enjoy sitting out the back of the house or around the front :-)

I have the unit set to spray a little burst every 40 seconds and it works a treat. I am also thankful that the unit turns itself off after 3 hours of use as I can get a tad forgetful sometimes.

The unit can protect a sheltered outdoor area of 5m x 5m and   has a plant based active ingredient. 

Thank you Mortein and Nuffnang

Good Bye Louie and Friends


Lizzyc said...

Fabulous! Nothing worse than the mozzies in the summer time!!

Pest Control said...

That will surely makes anyone's day outside more fun and less worries!