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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Layouts, Papercraft Convention & Hospital visits

It has been a busy week or two for the Love Family

I have just completed my last projects for the Kaisercraft DT.  I cannot believe how fast the past twelve months have flown.  It only seems like last week that a few large boxes turned up on my doorstep filled to the brim with Kaisercraft goodies.  I have had an amazing year and would like to thank Kaisercraft for the opportunity - I had a blast........ I will post my layouts once they are up on Kaisercraft web page :-)

Last week Stuart, Emma and I were up in Brisbane for Em's chemotherapy.  We weren't sure it was going to happen as her bloods have not been all that high lately.  They were high enough in the end and chemo went ahead.  Two down out of a cycle of 6.  This weekend marked two years since Emma was found to have a tumour.  Two long hard years, 9 surgeries, 3 different cycles of chemotherapy and 30 radiation treatments and we are still no closer to a cure for her.  Sometimes I just want to scream and pull my hair out but I know deep down that it is just a waste of my energy and it will accomplish absolutely nothing.  I will just stay strong and soldier on :-)

The yearly scrapbooking and papercraft convention was on over the weekend of Emma's chemo so while we were up there I ducked in on Saturday for a look.  Holy cow remind me never to go again on a Saturday as it was just way too busy and I only ended up getting frustrated and left early preferring to sit with Emma and Stuart at the hospital..........

Yesterday Emma was not feeling 100% and her temp was hovering around the 38 degree mark.  Anything over 38 and she needs to be taken to the hospital.  Well wouldn't you know it, it reached 38.7 so off we went to the Gold Coast Hospital where we are currently guests :-)  We are here until Friday as she needs to be on antibiotics for 48 hours. 

Mum flies home tomorrow.  It has been so nice having her up here.  I just wish she didn't live so far away. I think that she is going to come back up in about two months.

Well I think that pretty much sums up the week we have had.  Before I go I have a few layouts to share with you

Enjoy :-)

Hope this finds you all happy and healthy.  I will be drawing the 2nd lucky winner of the Kaisercraft stamps when I get home on Friday.  There is still time to enter, so easy too.  Just go and leave a comment on the post regarding the stamps and you are in the draw.  See told you it was going to be easy :-)

Leanne xx


Lizzyc said...

Hi Leanne, what a week for you! Yes I went to the craft show and yes it was sooo crowded, spent a lot of time in lines waiting to pay for stuff and really not getting into the places I wanted to get into for a look, but I did enough damage!!
and yes you will keep strong. 2 years of this journey, and your dear Em is strong and resilient and I am praying for her regularly in my morning prayers and trusting for a cure too...a breakthrough to all this.. a year seems to go so fast, and I hope your year with Kaiser has been good therapy for you too.. and you have all these beautiful creations to cherish now.. I really pray this week is a good week for you.. take care, love lizzy

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Sorry to hear she is having more setbacks than not... praying for her everyday!! I love love love your lo's!! They are just GORGEOUS!!!

Karen Shady said...

hi dear lady.... WOW, you have had a tough week... I too pray for Em regularly... I am amazed at your strength, you are one strong lady, and Im sure Em takes after her Mum in tha regard.

Wow, I cant believe another year has gone by, It seems like not that long ago that I finished my time on the Kaiser DT... And here you are on your last projects !!

I was at the Expo too on Sat and Sunday, and saturday was rediculous, Sunday was much better... Im sorry I didnt know you were there, we could have met up.. I had so much fun :)

I wanted to thank you too for letting me know aI had won Sharryns blog prize.. YAY !!

Take care, and stay strong

Karen xx

Anonymous said...

Hi Leanne, it's Leah from the local paper. We met for the sticker story last year. Emma popped into my head tonight and I came over to your blog for a catch up visit to see how she and you are holding up. It's a tough road you are walking and I admire your strength and resilience so much. I now have my own daughter and I hope I can be half the mum you are. I'll be praying for you guys. Xo

Kerryn said...

Gosh it has been a heck of a roller coaster for you all. Your daughter is a true inspiration.

Saturday was a baptism of fire, I can understand you preferring to sit with your girl. It was my first expo and I couldn't believe how crazy it was.

Wishing you all the very best with the journey ahead.