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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Kaisercraft GIVEAWAY

Hi Guys,

So who likes acrylic stamps?  I know I do and I am lucky enough to have two sets to be able to giveaway to two lucky readers.

All you have to do is leave a comment here on my blog and you will go in the draw to win. Easy isn't it.  There will be two winners who will each win 6 of the new acrylic stamps from Kaisercraft.

Ok just leave me a comment and you are in the draw.  Spread the word.  The more the merrier. Good Luck

We are off to Brisbane tomorrow to see Emmas Oncologist.  I guess he just wants to check how she is going on the current chemotherapy.  Will let you know what he says.

Stuart received a letter in the mail today from his uncle.  40 years ago in Leongatha Victoria a time capsule was buried and Stuarts grandmother had written Stuart a letter.  He was only 9 weeks old at the time.  It was a lovely letter and she had included a 50c piece in it as well. We have put it away in with our other treasures.

Anyway have to go as the bloody dishwasher has died yet again.,  This is ridiculous.  I will be calling Fisher & Paykel tomorrow and be demanding a new machine.  They are obviously incapable of fixing this one so I want a new one.  This issue has been going on for about a month now and I need it to keep everything clean for Miss Em.

Leanne :-)

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Emotional Week and Kaisercraft shares

Wow we have certainly been on a rollercoaster ride with Emma of late.  As you may have read in the last post - the tumour has grown in other places.  We were told that they would probably start another round of radiation. Well we spoke to the Oncologist last Wednesday and they started high dose chemotherapy on her on Thursday.  It appears that the tumour is growing back in the original spot which is not good at all.  If it is growing back from the original tumour after the radiation then we are in trouble.  If it went back to that site after the other tumour arose then we may be ok.  It is in God's hands now.  We are praying madly for him to let Emma survive this.  We ask that you pray for God to make it his will for Emma to live.
I have total faith that this lot of chemo will kill the cancer this time round.  Emma is a strong little pumpkin and will just keep on fighting.  She is too stubborn to let the cancer win.

Have been keeping my mind off everything by scrapping.  It is my saving grace at the moment :-)
You are all going to love what is coming out with Kaisercraft soon.  So many fantabulous ranges, you are going to want to buy them all.  Below are my projects using the Magnolia Grove and Rock Pool ranges.  The rock pool range is just right for all those water photos you have been meaning to scrap.

Two amazing ranges from Kaisercraft yet again.  I don't know where they get their ideas from but all I can say is "keep it up"

That's it from me.  I am going to hit the sack.  Hope this finds you all happy and healthy
Leanne xx

Monday, May 7, 2012

Round 2 Radiation

Yep we are heading off for round 2 of radiation for miss Emma.  Another 5 weeks of radiation therapy at the Royal Brisbane Hospital.  We have been lucky enough to get a self contained room at Ronald McDonald house in Herston..... Once she has completed radiation we will be trying a different chemotherapy.  I am praying that this will be our final round of treatments.  Emmas body is so tired after being pumped full of so many toxic poisons for the past 2 years.  We are hopeful that this will be it.  Unfortunately we will not be going to Disneyland again this year as she will most likely still be on treatment.  There is always next year.

Was excited to receive an email this morning letting me know that one of my layouts has made the top 20 for the Scrapbooking Memories competition at the Papercraft convention in Brisbane this year.  Top 20 how awesome is that.  It is up to the public to then vote on the layout they like the best at the convention.  Emma is pretty excited as it is a photo of her and her BFF Tilly.

I also received an email from an amazing woman (Melissa Kennedy) who is a God send to our family.  Melissa, thank you from the bottom of our hearts for everything.

Have been scrapping heaps.  I can only share a little with you as it is as usual DT stuff.

Mum and Mishae taken a few years ago but still adorable xxx

Love this photo of Daniel and Mishae, so sweet.

self portraits.  Pity is was so sunny as we all have our eyes half shut

Good one Mishae

Mishae seeing what it is like to be a brunette - playing with Emmas wigs

Mishae and her little brother.  They are so cute together

Oh I forgot to tell you, mum decided that she would pop up for a surprise visit after Emmas surgery.  I miss having my mum around whilst going through all this but it has certainly been wonderful having her here even if it is for only a short time. She is flying back to Tasmania in the morning :-(

Anyway I have more to share but have to go as my brother and his family are coming around for dinner to say good bye to mum.  I will be back another day with more shares

God Bless and stay safe
Leanne :-)