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Monday, April 16, 2012

Hiya peoples

Just wanting to share my latest Kaisercraft stuff with you.  Have had a ball with this months new releases.  The ranges are so adorable and so easy to create with.  

Thought I was getting over the flu but alas on Friday night I started feeling a little icky and by Saturday morning I was a gooner.  My throat was so sore and I just generally felt blah all over.  I blame Stuart for this as he just had to share...... It all started with Jacob then I got it and shared with Stuart and now he has returned the favour and given it back to me.  This time around is definitely worse though.  LOL Nothing like keeping it in the family.

Emma is due to have her MRI today........ Praying madly for good results like the previous one.  I cannot see why they wouldn't be good but you just never know.  She is so good now when it comes to these.  She has no qualms about lying perfectly still in the MRI for an hour... She is such an amazing little poppet and I am the proudest mother of all.

Am looking forward to a weekend off in June for the Scrapbooking & Papercraft convention being held in Brisbane.  This is my yearly pilgrimage with my friend Val.  We stay three nights and usually do about 6 classes...... Not much time left to shop but we usually do a pretty good job of it..... Rumour has it that we are going to be graced with the presence of Mr Tim Holtz.  How exciting.  I am guessing that it is going to be impossible to meet him but oh boy oh boy I would love a photo with him....A girl can dream I guess :-)

Anyway I must go and get the payroll done for the business.  I was not feeling well enough to go into the office today so will get them done from here.  I will have to go in sometime this week though as I have the end of month and so much other stuff to get done..

Hope this finds you all happy, healthy and full of life.

Leanne :-)

I would rather live my life as if there is a God and die to find out there isn't, than live my life as if there isn't and die to find out there is.Albert Camus

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