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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Sorry I have been a little awol. 
Just to let you know what has been going on with Emma. A few weeks ago we noticed another lump in her neck.... She had an MRI on Monday and ended up back in theatre Thursday for removal of what they thought was just an inflamed lymph node. It was not a lymph node at all it was another tumour. Surgery was to take only 45 minutes but due to the fact that thanks to her previous 8 surgeries they were faced with loads of scar tissue. During the excision they had to remove her jugular and during this process they accidentally cut a 3mm nick in her carotid artery (this is the one that carries the blood to the brain) The 45 minute surgery ended up taking 3 1/2 hours. The surgeon told us that she was very close to dying on the table and he thought for a moment that he had lost her. Praise God that was not the case and she is still with us.

Basically she now has to start again. It is possible that they will repeat the 5 week radiation therapy which she found harder than the chemo and they will start her on another dose of chemo. They are very concerned as her bone marrow is so very tired from all the chemo that she has already had. We will just have to see what happens. They are still reasonably confident that they can get rid of the cancer so that is a good thing.

Holy cow this kid of mine has certainly been through the wars. Surely her luck must start to change soon, you would think wouldn't you.

Anyway just thought I would let you all know. 

I have a few layouts to share over the next couple of days. Can you believe that it is almost the time of the year when I finish as a Kaisercraft DT member. It has gone way too fast and I don't want it to end...... I will have to see what I can do.

Anyway am off to the cinema as Emma would like to see the Hinger Games. Al still not convinced that it will be suitable for 12 year olds but I guess we are about to find out.


Joy is the most infallible sign of the presence of God.
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Monday, April 16, 2012

Hiya peoples

Just wanting to share my latest Kaisercraft stuff with you.  Have had a ball with this months new releases.  The ranges are so adorable and so easy to create with.  

Thought I was getting over the flu but alas on Friday night I started feeling a little icky and by Saturday morning I was a gooner.  My throat was so sore and I just generally felt blah all over.  I blame Stuart for this as he just had to share...... It all started with Jacob then I got it and shared with Stuart and now he has returned the favour and given it back to me.  This time around is definitely worse though.  LOL Nothing like keeping it in the family.

Emma is due to have her MRI today........ Praying madly for good results like the previous one.  I cannot see why they wouldn't be good but you just never know.  She is so good now when it comes to these.  She has no qualms about lying perfectly still in the MRI for an hour... She is such an amazing little poppet and I am the proudest mother of all.

Am looking forward to a weekend off in June for the Scrapbooking & Papercraft convention being held in Brisbane.  This is my yearly pilgrimage with my friend Val.  We stay three nights and usually do about 6 classes...... Not much time left to shop but we usually do a pretty good job of it..... Rumour has it that we are going to be graced with the presence of Mr Tim Holtz.  How exciting.  I am guessing that it is going to be impossible to meet him but oh boy oh boy I would love a photo with him....A girl can dream I guess :-)

Anyway I must go and get the payroll done for the business.  I was not feeling well enough to go into the office today so will get them done from here.  I will have to go in sometime this week though as I have the end of month and so much other stuff to get done..

Hope this finds you all happy, healthy and full of life.

Leanne :-)

I would rather live my life as if there is a God and die to find out there isn't, than live my life as if there isn't and die to find out there is.Albert Camus

Monday, April 9, 2012

Scrapping and sickness and HAPPY EASTER

“1 TREE + 3 NAILS = 4 GIVEN”

Emma and I went to a beautiful Church Service on Sunday at the Reedy Creek Baptist Church.  Ran into so many people that we knew.  Was lovely.  Emma had a ball with her BFF Tilly

Ok so it is official that everyone in the Love household has been sick with this horrible bug going around.  Stuart has been really sick and has spent so much time in bed which is not like him.  He is one of these people that keep going to work and just keeps soldiering on, except for this time.  This time it really hit him and he was out for the count.  He is still not feeling 100% and looks icky but he is on the mend.

We went to Mishae (our eldest child) and her partner Daniels place today for Easter Monday BBQ.  They have just moved into their first unit together and wanted to entertain us.  We had a lovely BBQ on the rooftop area and really enjoyed ourselves.  Photos below 

Mishae & Daniel

Mishae (24) Jacob (14) & Emma (12)

Daniel and Jacob chilaxing

Daddy and his two beautiful girls

poor Jacob being harassed by his sisters

Mishae & Jaocb

Daniel lost his money in the pool but it didn't take too long to find it :-)

The view from the BBQ area on the right hand side

The BBQ area

Daddy and his little chicken legs

and again my poor little man is being attacked

Will they ever leave him alone :-)

My beautiful first born xx
Don't forget the sketch challenge happening over at Kaisercraft.  Below is my interpretation of the sketch.  I so love this photo of when Jacob was a little man.  He was so cute.  I wanted to scrap this but only had the original one so scanned it then reprinted it.  

Don't you just love the new Kaisercraft range "Fine & Sunny"............. I think that this is most definitely my all time fave from Kaiser.  The colours are so vibrant and they are so fun to play with.  I loved this photo of Mishae and just had to scrap it with these papers.....

This one is also using one of Kaisercraft  new releases "Charlotte's Dream".  These papers are wonderful and so pleasant to work with.  They would be great on those shabby vintage layouts.
This is a photo of my mum and dad on their wedding day many years ago.  Mum wore such a pretty dress.

Well that sums up pretty much everything I have done or know.  Yeah I know, pretty boring right LOL well that is me.  

Children are off school for another week but Emma will miss her first day back as she has to go to Brisbane for an MRI.  Prayers please people.  The last one showed no residual sign of tumour and we are praying that this one is the same.  

Goodnight my friends, see you next time
Thanks for visiting

Leanne :-)

Monday, April 2, 2012

Youth Camp & Scrapping

Emma and I have just arrived home after spending a wonderful weekend in Currimundi with Emma's Youth Group.  Was such a busy weekend filled with loads of fun, beach time and singing and dancing.  Emma made loads of new friends and had so much fun.

We arrived Friday night about 8.30pm and had half an hour to take our things to the cabins and unpack before we headed out for some laser tag.  Ended up getting back to the camp at around 12.30am.......All the younger children were so tired.  Saturday morning we were out of bed by 6.30 for a 7am breakfast and then after pray and worship we headed down to Dicky beach for the day.  Had pizzas for lunch and then headed back about 3ish.  After such a late night last night they decided that Saturday night would be a quite one namely games and movies.  Emma didn't even make it to the end of the movie (Soul Surfer).  She decided that her bed was far more inviting and so off she went.  I went not long after and read for a while.  Sunday morning was spend at Kings Beach in Caloundra (my fav place to holiday).  We headed home about 2 ish and arrived at the church at 4.30....... Emma and I stayed for the night service and then came home had showers and then went to bed.

She is up with Dad having Chemotherapy today which means that I am going to have a pretty cruisy day and an early night....
Photos of camp will come later....

I have managed to get a couple of layouts scrapped.  These are for a class at Kaisercraft Robina where I will be showing how you can use sketches.


The following layouts are for Scrap Sanity 

Ok I am off now to get the boy something to eat and then I will be scrapping some more.  Will be back later tonight with some photos from the weekend