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Sunday, March 4, 2012

Irish dancing.......................

Emma had her girlfriend sleep over last night and yesterday when she arrived we headed over to the library to kill some time.  While we were there we got so watch an Irish dancing competition that was on.  The girls thought it was so funny how they danced.  It must take such great strength to jump and dance around the stage whilst keeping your upper body and arms as stiff as a post.  Looks kind of awkward but nice at the same time.

Emma and Tilly were so good. Tilly is the most adorable friend for Emma.  This morning when they awoke they decided that they wanted to do some mixed media stuff so off they went.  Wowsers what a mess when they had finished.  Their canvases turned out beautifully though.  Such creative little munchkins. 

I taught a mixed media class on Saturday at Kaisercraft Robina.  It was fantastic and we are running another one on Tuesday 13th March at 11am.  Class cost is 30 and a kit will be provided.  You will need to bring some other bits and pieces but there is a class list that can be emailed.  Phone 55 809939.

Not alot else has been happening lately - seems to be the story of my life.  Had a massive headache this morning and ended up sleeping off most of the day - ugh .  Feeling loads better now thank goodness as Emma has chemo up in Brissie tomorrow and it would have been awful to be up there and not feeling 100%.

Have loads to share with you for my DT assignments.  Just can't show you yet but soon I promise.

Hope the week is kind to you all

Leanne :-)


Denise ~ Paper Ponderings said...

Wow...the canvases are amazing! Artists!

Amanda Laurel Atkins said...

I love the paintings that Emma and her friend made! So beautiful, and such beautiful smiles!
xo, Amanda

Lizzyc said...

oh how wonderful for Emma to have a great friend and they look like they both are quite the artist!! i do hope things are going as well as can be!!

Kelly said...

Clever girls xxx