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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Aussie Day

So how did everyone spend their Australia Day.....?

For us it was nothing special at all as the weather was dismal and raining all the time. Stuart ended up studying and the kids and I watched a few movies.

Below are a couple of things that have recently appeared on the Kaisercraft Blog.  Hope you enjoy

Did have a layout to share with you all but one of the magazines picked it up straight away so alas you will have to wait.   Have had two magazine acceptances in as many weeks. 

My best friends husband sadly left this world on Friday.  He was such an incredible, beautiful, amazing man and he will be missed dearly.  RIP Barry, your pain has now been taken away and you can be free.  His funeral will be on Friday, such a sad sad occassion for all.

Well I have not got a lot to say today.  Just wanted to pop in with a quick update. 

Emma starts her first day at High School tomorrow, I am so anxious for her but she is so excited to be going back to school to see all her friends.

Will post photos of her in her high school uniform soon.

Love Leanne xxx

Friday, January 20, 2012

This ones a winner/GREAT news

Hi guys,
Firstly the good news............

Emma's MRI and CT scans have come back clear which means that there is no cancer showing on them.  This is a small celebration for us but we will be more excited once she has finished her chemo and those scans show the all clear.  At least this is a positive step in the right direction for us - FINALLY

Ok now for the second item on my agenda........

A new challenge site has just started and really it couldn't be any easier to enter.  All you have to do is email your favourite layout every month.  Now how easy is that!!!!!

Check it out  This One's a Winner

While you are there make sure you head on over to facebook and check out the scrap sanity page as there are challenges and competitions posted up all the time.

Leanne xxx

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Shock Horror, I have scrapped

Yes I know that I scrap all the time but this is the first time that I have scrapped using something other than Kaisercraft in such a long time.  I fell in love with these papers and knew that I would have to use bright summery photos with them.

Hope you like :-)

Saturday, January 14, 2012


There seem to be the odd people or one person who seem to think that I whinge about having to go to Brisbane etc with Emma for her treatments.  Well let me just say this

1.   At no point do I ever whinge about having to take Emma to her appointments.
2.   I would travel to the ends of the world if it meant that Emma would get well.
Finally if you haven't got the balls to comment and let me know your feelings then you shouldn't be reading my blog.   DONT visit my blog and don't ever speak to me should you walk past me in the street. 

Ok for all the rest of my lovely readers I thank you from the bottom of my heart for all your support and beautiful thoughts.  You are all such wonderful people and Emma and I are lucky to have you all in our lives.


Monday, January 9, 2012

Christmas & New Year 2011

Well another Christmas is done and dusted.  I cannot believe how quick the holiday season goes.  It seems the older you get the quicker time goes.

I hope everyone had a lovely Christmas with loads of love and happiness. We stayed over at Stuarts parents place Christmas eve with 13 others.  It was lovely to wake up Christmas morning with all the children.  All incredibly excited that Santa had come through the night.

There was a bad bug going around unfortunately and most of the family ended up having gastro.  My mother in law and sister in law did not really enjoy chrissy day as they were so very sick.
Christmas lunch was at our house this year.  There were 21 of us in total and it was fantastic.  Mum was up here from Tasmania so both my family and Stuart's family celebrated the day together. We feasted on baked fish, prawns, turkey, ham and all the other usual Christmas goodies.  Everyone chipped in to help once we had finished so that was great as there were so many things to clean up.
Emma and Brittany (my niece) ended the day for us with a dance that they had made up during the week.  They found these two matching dresses in the dollar shop and decorated them just for the dance. My brother stood behind them for the lift (just in case) but they didn't need any help what so ever.  Am so proud of my beautiful girls.

The Love and Walsh Families

New Years Eve ended up being very quiet for us as Emma was not feeling well so we didn't go out anywhere.  I did however manage to stay up until midnight which is a bit of an accomplishment for me.  I think it was the first new year I have seen in since 5 years ago.... Bit of a slacker I am.

We had some friends down from Darwin on the 2nd so we decided to have our NY celebration then.  It was a funny night and there was plenty of laughter to be had.

I also managed to catch up with my oldest friend for a while.  It was great to see her as she only just got engaged at Christmas time.  Am so happy for both Kim and Terry.

Terry and Kim

Emma and Kristi Lee

Mum, Emma, Kristi Lee, Me and Kim

Miss Emma turning 12

our view

our cool spa

Jacob vegging out in front of the tv

The Jacuzzi rules, make sure you look at them as there are a few funny ones in there

The four of us enjoying cocktails, mocktails by the pool

Cannot have a beach side holiday without beach cricket

Emmas cake

Jed getting in on the action on New Years Eve

The first week of January also saw the celebration of Emma's 12th birthday.  As a little gift we decided to take the two children up to the Sunshine Coast for three nights away.  We stayed in the most amazing place - Rumba Resort in Caloundra and had an absolute ball.  There was heaps of swimming, walking, swimming, beach cricket, cocktails and mocktails by the pool and then a little more swimming.  Emma was not feeling well on her actual birthday so we had a nice dinner and cake the following day.

Well that pretty much sums up our Christmas and New Year break.  Everyone is back at work now.  Jacob and Emma return to school at the end of January which means I had better go and get their uniforms.  They both need new ones this year and Emma is moving up into high school and Jacob is going into year 10 which means he needs to wear a senior uniform.  Emma has her next round of chemotheraphy on the 18th of this month.  Stuart is taking her up this time and I am having a night off.  She has her MRI and CT scans this coming Wednesday so hopefully that will show us that the chemo is doing its job. Praying that is the case anyway

Before I go I need to tell you something really exciting......... I received an email yesterday afternoon offering me a position on the Design Team for Scrap Sanity.  YAH ME...... Am so very excited to be working with Tiff.  I think we are going to have a ball.

Ok I am out of here.  Have loads and loads of creating to do for Kaisercraft.  The next few releases from them are divine. 

Thanks for reading my mammoth post, I hope you managed to get through it all.

Remember to stay safe and enjoy life