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Monday, January 31, 2011

Blythe Doll

EEK,  Emma desperately wants a Blythe Doll........ Have you seen how expensive they are, holy cow.  I have been searching every way I could think possible to find a cheap one but the 12 inch ones are just not cheap
You must admit though that they are very cute

adorable even........

Leanne :-)

Sunday, January 30, 2011

4th Chemotherapy

The 4th Chemo went brilliantly.  Daddy took her and she was absolutely perfect. There were no tears or anything.  She was so brave. 

I have been creating again.  Only a couple of things.  Hope you like.

 My little set of Kaisercraft drawers to fill with trinkets and treasures
A 6 x 6 layout of my two youngest...... 
Emma and her Aunty Linda 
Emma and her big couz Katelyn 
My sister Linda and I.

Be back with more soon

xxx Leanne xxx

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Exciting News

Ok peeps, you know how I told you that I had some exciting news to share....... 


I am now officially a DT Member for "These are a few of my Favourite things".  A challenge blog that I have been stalking for ever......  Go on, check it know you want to.  Check out all the links for the other ladies on the DT too as they are awesome.........

I have my first assignment already so need to put my head down and bum up.........

Have had a special visitor this week.  My birth sister Linda whom I haven't seen for about 13 years was up on holidays and we managed to catch up.  I was adopted as a baby and had met Linda twice before but this time was different.  I also got to meet my amazingly beautiful niece Katelyn.  Emma is totally in love with her new big cousin and cannot wait to see her again.  I suggested to Katelyn that she come and spend a week with us during her next school holidays.

That is about all I have to share with you at the moment.  Emma is having her 4th chemo tomorrow but this time daddy is taking her.  It will be good to have a break from it. 
She is then going to Brisbane on the 4th to see the maxillofacial surgeon for a follow up and then back up again on the Monday to see her oncologist. It is a pain having to go to Brissie all the time but not much can be done when all her specialists and the hospital are up there...... oh well.

Take care and stay safe.......

Leanne :-)

Monday, January 24, 2011

Layout to share

Yah I have scrapped.....  

This cute little bear was sent up to Emma from two beautiful people in Canberra (thanks Rach and Zara).  Two very amazing caring loving friends.  Miss Lila (the bear) has become special to Emma and now takes pride of place on her bed along with her fave doll Ally.  I created this layout using the sketch from Kaisercraft, hope you like it

Kaiser craft Sketch

My take on the above sketch

Jacob, Emma and I headed down to Pacific Fair today to meet my birth sister (Linda) who I have not seen in 13 years.  We had a lovely time catching up.  We shopped around for  my niece's (Katelyn) formal dress and found the most amazing eye popping dress for her.  She looked absolutely amazing with this dress on.  It definitely had the WOW factor. Linda and her family are only up here for the week so we are going to go our for dinner one night while they are here.

Emma is doing well.  She has not lost any hair yet which is a blessing.  They told us that she may lose it all, or a small amount may fall our or even better that nothing will happen.  We just have to wait and see.  Her scars are looking fantastic now as a friend gave me some magic stuff form the burns unit and it brilliant.   Her scars were looking like keloid ones and now they are almost flat and smooth again.  Definitely magic stuff.

I have some very exciting news to share as well but I have to wait for a couple of days.  It is pretty cool, well I think so anyway.   I will be back in a few days to tell you what it is, until then - take care, stay safe and if you go out in the sun smother yourself in sunscreen.........

xx Leanne xx

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Chemo # 3

Number 3 today went really well.  She was a little upset to begin with but settled down quickly.  I am glad because I don't think I could have gone another week like last.  She just gets so scared which is fully understandable. Her white blood cell count is getting low which means now that she has to be extra careful about washing her hands and sanitising etc.  She is not allowed to swim in public pools or anyone else's pool for that matter.  The nurse at the hospital will be visiting the school to speak with the staff and also to speak to Emma's class to explain to them what is happening etc.  Great idea.  She is soo looking forward to going back to school, I think she has been missing her maths lessons LOL.  Yep my little girl is obsessed with maths and even goes to bed with a maths activity book........ Whatever happened to nice story books like Alice in Wonderland or the Famous 5?????   Oh well, each to their own.

Work has been going great, we are getting more students each week.  The government is offering free training for staff that meet certain criteria.  Great way to gain a free qualification.  If you are interested in finding out more then just head on over to our website for more info.  This is for Australian residents only.

We had an awesome storm come through the other night.  The thunder was fantastic and the rain was hard and furious but only lasted for about 30 minutes.  Was great to watch and listen to though. 

I have finally done a little scrapping lately.  It is for my DT so I cannot show you it in full however I can show you some snippets.

Ok have housework to finish and then I need to go out shopping for our 23 year old.  Have no idea what we are going to get her but I am sure I will find something.

Until next time
Take care and stay safe
Leanne xx

Tuesday, January 18, 2011


How would you like to win this llittle bunch of goodies???? 

You would????

Well then, head on over here and follow the instructions and this package could be making its way to your home.

xx Leanne xx

Friday, January 14, 2011

Chemo #2 and the tragic Brisbane floods

Emma has her second round of chemo this morning.  Well it was the most difficult emotional time of my life.  Emma was so distraught that four of us had to hold her down to sedate her.  She had got herself so worked up that she was clenching her fists and hitting herself in the head.  It totally broke my heart, I cannot begin to describe the pain I felt and the emotions that were going around inside me,  I didn't know weather to just fall to the floor with her and  hold her or if I should get angry and yell at her I just pray to God that the next time she is a lot calmer.  I just didn't know what to do so just stood there crying like a little baby...... She is fine now although still feels sad.  She is normally so strong but I think that it all started last night knowing that we were going to a different hospital and would be seeing different medical staff.  It could be worse though couldn't it and there are children and parents going through much more than what we are going through so we just have to take each day as it comes..........

How horrific are the floods in Brisbane at the moment.  Luckily we are haven't had that much rain down here so we are all fine.  We are all praying for those that have lost loved ones and most of their earthly possessions.  It is just so sad to see what these people are going through.
These photos are of our beautiful capital city, Brisbane.  I just cannot believe how high the waters came up.  So sad. 

 The photo above are of the Brisbane markets where all the fresh fruit and vegies come from..
 So many homes and peoples livelihood lost - :-(

 Our beautiful city streets inundated with murky muddy water
The Brisbane river flowing so fast with all sorts of debris floating down it.  So many fridges, deck chairs, boats, jet skis....... mind boggling to say the least

I went to the supermarket to get bread and milk this afternoon and got there to find that the two largest supermarkets at the Robina Town Shopping Centre has NO milk and NO bread.  There were no potato's and only about three tomatoes.  I have NEVER seen anything like it.  So surreal......spooky even. With all the roads blocked all the trucks cannot get through with supplies.  This flood is going to cost Queenslanders so much, but they breed us tough and we will get through it.

Have given up on the photo a day already (yes pretty slack I know) but I just couldn't be bothered. Was the last thing on my mind actually.  Maybe I will give it a go next year or maybe just start with a photo a week project.....even better how bout we start a photo a month or year LOL  I am sure I could complete that challenge easily.

Well I have run out of stuff to talk about but will be back soon with more to share.

xx Leanne xx

Friday, January 7, 2011

Chemo #1 and photo of the day for 5th 6th and 7th

Emma had her port inserted yesterday and started her first chemo today.
Day 5
We saw some Monster Trucks on the back of a truck and the children just loved them

Day 6
(a port similar to the one that was inserted into Emma's chest)
Day 7
This was the view from Emma's bed in hospital.  The wards are all painted differently and the children love it

I just had to share this photo as well.  This is Ally and Ally has been with us since Emma was 6 months old.  Emma has dragged this baby around with her ever since she was about one.  Wherever Emma goes, Ally goes too.  Even now Ally makes the regular trips with us up to the hospital and has even got her own cannula ... 
I love that Emma still loves her baby doll even though she is now 11. 

Emma had her first chemo today and it went really well.  She has not experienced much nausea yet which is a blessing.  She said her tummy was a little queasy but nothing major.  She is such a tough little cookie

Anyway I have to go as I got no sleep in the hospital last night so I am going to have a nice shower, make a yummy cup of tea and go to bed.
Leanne xxxxxxx
(the extra kisses are for all the kind words and messages that we have been receiving for Emma.  God bless each and everyone of you)

Day 4 of 365.......

Today is the 4th of January

My beautiful baby girl was born today at 1pm...... She was the cutest little thing and we all fell in love the minute we laid eyes on her.  She is still the most beautiful little munchkin that I know and also the bravest. 

my day 4 photo is Emma opening one of her pressies.  The rest are just photos of the day.

We are off to Brisbane on Thursday as Emma is getting her port put in and starting her chemo on the following day.....

Hope this finds you all happy and healthy
Leanne xxx

Monday, January 3, 2011

MRI Results

Results from MRI:

Tumour has grown back to almost 2/3 the original size in just 6 weeks.  Surgery is not really an option at this point as it will probably only grow back again just as quick.  We are off to see the oncologist on the 5th and she will probably get a port put in and then they will start chemo on the 6th.  The first course is going to be for 3 months and then they will up the dose for the next 3 and so on for 12 months.  If that doesn't work (it will anyway) then they will do radiation therapy.  She has a long road ahead of her but she is tough and will get through it. 

I have started doing the photo a day so here are my photos;

Day 1: 
Decided to hit the sales and see what I could pick up....  Managed to get everyone else something but could not find anything for me

Day 2: 
My crazy girl and her equally crazy little cousin Cooper

Day 3:
Boat full of goofballs - enjoying a late night dip during her sleepover.

Well I am in for a late night I believe as Emma is having a sleep over for her birthday tomorrow.  The girls are so full of sweets and soda that I don't think they will be asleep at all.  I let them go for a big swim a little while ago hoping that it would tire them  out - ha how wrong was I.......

I cannot wait for Emma to wake up tomorrow morning. Stuart and I have bought her a little Pandora bracelet. Her girlfriend gave her a little present charm and I have got her a little black and white cow.  Jacob wanted to get her a little crucifix so he did.  Mishae gave her a beautiful little heart dangly one.  She knows that she is getting the Pandora but nothing about the charms we have for her.  I have told her that I will let her buy a small charm after every chemo session.  She is to have the chemo once every three weeks.

Anyway there is quite at the moment so I am going to go and make a nice cup of tea and relax while I have the chance.  I am supposed to be taking them out to Intencity tomorrow and then to the coffee shop for kiddy chinos.  If they don't let me sleep though they won't be going....

Hope this finds you all well
Leanne xxx