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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Hi guys,  here are my layouts this month for Mad about Scrappin.  I LOVED the papers that I got to work with and you can grab them with full instructions from HERE

Emma had a good night, she slept well which was great but then when we got to the hospital this morning for her chemo she got a nurse she didn't know and got sad.  She started crying and said that she didn't want any more chemo so this nurse stormed off and said "fine, you can stay here all day then"  She was so horrible and that made Emma feel even worse.  If you are not kind and compassionate then for goodness sake do not work with children in a cancer ward.  These children are going through enough and the last thing they need is a sad old lady nursing them........  I spoke to the ladies at the reception and they promptly got us a lovely nurse who was caring and spoke to Emma is a supporting way.  I can't believe how horrible this visit has been for us.  Poor Emma is beside herself and feeling so sick this time.  Only one more cycle to go, that is what I keep reminding myself and Emma. 

Thank you so very much for your beautiful comments yesterday.  It is so comforting knowing that there are people out there thinking of and praying for us.

God Bless
Leanne xxx


lizzyc said...

oh dear.. i agree with you.. nursing is a calling.. and if you cant be kind and caring then you are in the wrong job.. i hope this nurse gets put in a different ward as this kind of behavior does not help at all.. oh i do hope and pray the last treatment can come and go quickly and Emma gets a good result.. she really is a champion and an inspiration to us all.. and you are a wonderful mum who surely must be hanging by a thread some days.. all i can think of to say is the foot prints poem.. on those hard days there is only one set of footprints.. for it is then He carries us... May our prayers carry you on through the weeks ahead..xx

Leanne said...

Amen Lizzy, I often think of that poem and Emma has it hanging on her wall beside her bed.

Katie said...

Wow that's awful the way that nurse treated Emma! :( I hope she is reprimanded for her behaviour as she should not be in that job if that is the way she treats her patients, especially children!

Praying for you guys and I pray that Emma gets the nice nurses from now on! :)

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Poor Emma... I hate when children (or even adults!) have to deal with cranky nurses :( I hope she gets better soon! I loveeeeeeeeeeee your lo's and your cards!! BEAUTIFUL! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

Sheree said...

Oh Leanne that's shocking!! Poor Emma...I'm so glad they found a much nicer nurse for her. Hoping tomorrow is a better day and sending Emma my best wishes! Tell her how amazing we all think she is!

By the way...loving your layouts...gorgeous!

Sheree xx

Anonymous said...

I work in a hospital, please report that nurse to her manager, her behaviour is NOT accepatable and she will continue to get away with it if no-one complains, she has no excuses for this behaviour, so sorry Emma and you had to deal with her.

Anonymous said...

Oh Leanne thinking of you and emma at this time, hopwefully tyhis next time will be the last, ill just keep praying for that for you :)
Megan xx

Alanna said...

As a nursing student it makes me feel horrible that there are grumpy old nurses like that on a kids ward :(

I've encountered my fair share of grumpy old nurses (the ones that won't embrace the new changes in technology and the new students coming through) but to think they are on the KIDS CANCER WARD is just horrible! :(

Kelly said...

What a disgusting way to treat a poor child that is having a hard time already. If you are a cranky nurse, you shouldn't be one at all.
Big hugs to you guys xxx

p.s gorgeous scrapping Miss Leanne. I won't be going to Bris this year :o(

Sue from Cyprus said...

I am so sorry to hear about Emma's ordeal Leanne. It breaks my heart and makes me mad at the same time to know that such nurses are allowed to work on childrens wards which such terrible attitudes. In my mind they don't deserve to call themselves nurses. We all have a concept that nurses are in the caring profession, for that very reason.... caring. Even though most are lovely and polite and helpful there is alway one that has to spoil it for the rest of them!!

My father has recently been diagnoses with non-hodgkins lymphoma. His illness is at the very advanced stage and he has become weak and frail. He in on IV and constantly needs care as the needle keeps coming out from his veins, some of those nurses have such a terrible attitude with him telling him not to be such a 'baby'. My heart breaks for him.

I pray for you at this very difficult time in your life.

Hugs, Sue from Cyprus

Steph Mitchell said...

Leanne, I have only just caught up with your blog and the news about Emma after reading the exciting news about your Kaisercraft 'win'.

I hope and pray that all goes well for her and the whole family. xx