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Saturday, June 18, 2011

Been a bit of a slacker

Just noticed how long it was since I had blogged.... oops but I have been super busy.

Am heading off to Tamborine Mountain tonight to join with the girls on the first Kaisercraft Robina retreat.  Am teaching two classes tomorrow so that should be fun.  I had to go out and buy myself a jacket though as apparently it is incredibly cold... I don't mind being cold just not freezing cold.  I have packed my heater also lol.....

Not a lot has been happening here, Emma is excited as Tuesday night she gets to go and see Miley Cyrus in concert - Yah.  Should be a fun night.  She then has to go up to Brisbane to see her specialist on Thursday and then the following Tuesday we are back up there for her final round of chemo - double YAH.  We still don't know what the next step will be but hopefully it will be easier than the chemo. 

Ok well I still have loads of housework to do before I head off up the mountain so should probably go and do it.

See you on the flip side
Leanne xxxx

PS I am going to remember to take my camera this time


lizzyc said...

Hi Leanne.. i hope you have a wonderful time at the retreat and can just have lots of fun and make great friends and memories.. and yes we are all hoping for the best result from this chemo for Em... keep warm and have a fabulous time at the retreat!

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Hope you have a fab time!! And YAYYYYYYYYYY for Emma! :):):):):):):):):)