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Sunday, May 15, 2011


Cannot believe that my little girl (aged 23) and her girlfriend have jetted of on a 5 week European trip.  I just received a text from her and she said that it is very very very cold in London.  It is 9.30am and they are just heading out for a day of exploring and sight seeing.  I am so happy that she is doing all of this while she is young enough to enjoy it. 

Have been busy this weekend scrapping my bum off for the 2nd round of the Kaisercraft DT.  I have made three layouts and 1 off the page item.  The amount of stuff that Kaisercraft sent was amazing and it was so fun to play with the new ranges.  I don't know what my chances are up against some of the other talented ladies but I am really praying that I will be one of the 12 to make the final cut.

Emma decided that she was going to cook dinner last night and it was lovely.  She made a beef soy stir fry - yummo.  She is really enjoying her cooking.  This afternoon she made a cola cake. Yep you guessed it, it has a cup of coke in it.  I will have to tell you how it is in my next post.  I don't really want any but I think as a mum I will have to try a wee little piece.

Anyway must go and get the dinner on.  If I don't feed the crew they get all feral on me...... Especially the big one they call dad....

Love to you
Leanne xxx

(Ok just got back from looking at the other 24 finalists and can I just say, if I get through then you will probably hear me screaming from the other side of Australia!!!!  The calibre of work that the other finalists create is gobsmacking.  I don't even know how on earth I made the top 25........... I will be praying that I make it through)


Rachael said...

I have every confidence that your work will be stunning - don't stress.

Ahhh, London exploration for young 20 somethings....brings back memories. Hope she loves it half as much as I did :)

Lostsoul said...

Awwww beautiful photo of emma cooking, what she's making looks soooooo yumi

Kirsty said...

Oh yum yum yum! I think I need a cook like Emma at my house!
I have to agree with you about the KaiserCraft DT applications...I am having a little (HUGE) panic attack!!! I shouldn't have looked at anyone else's application LOL