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Monday, May 30, 2011

Changed again

Yep,  once again I have changed the look of my blog.  Is it just me or do other bloggers get bored with their templates easily?  I must say though that I kinda like this one so it will probably stick around for a while.

Did a class on Friday night with the wonderful Lynette Caroll.  I haven't completed it yet but when I do I will be sure to show you.  We used all Kaisercraft products and it looks fabulous.

Emma and I are off to Brisbane tomorrow for the rest of the week.  She has her fourth round of chemotherapy.  If all goes well this will be the second last treatment.  I will know more after I have spoken to the Oncologist tomorrow and then I can fill everyone in.  Emma sleeps most of the day after her chemo so I think that this time I will take my crocheting up with me.  At least I will have something to do while she snoozes. 

Anyway, must go and get packed as we have an early start.

Hope this finds you all well

Leanne xxx


Nadia Cannizzo said...

I change my blog all the time too...LOL! I get VERY EASILY bored. Thats why its JUST a white template at the moment..So you arent the only one :o) Hope you are well.

lizzyc said...

Hi.. i hope it all goes well for the next to you all..xx

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

I used to change mine all the time, but since someone else made my header... I can't seem to make a new so it stays... good luck with the chemo :):):):):):):):):):):):):)

Anonymous said...

Good LuckEmma thinking of you mate hope all goes well and you get good news :)

Love to you all Megan xx