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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Chemo and Email Message and Make a Wish

Well only 5 more sleeps and we start round 3 of Emma's Chemotherapy.  I cannot believe how quickly this month has gone.  I think it was because we had school holidays in between.

We had a lovely Easter however we did not get to go out as Emma was neutropenic (low white cell and neutrophil count) Basically this means that her immune system is not functioning normally and if there was any sickness around then she would have a high chance of catching it.

Tuesday night we went to a special evening thanks to Make a Wish foundation and the Hard Rock Cafe in Surfers.  Hard Rock put on an awesome night for the Make a Wish families it was soo much fun.

Emma and I posing for the photographer

Emma (bottom left) with Gold COast surfer Nathan Hedges and other wish family children
Today I received an email message from an amazing young girl from Victoria.  I won't say too much yet as I will wait and tell you the whole story upon completion.  Lets just say that I think this girl is an angel sent to us from above.  Such an amazing young woman who any parent would be incredibly proud of. You know who you are.  xxxxxxxxxoooooooooooooxxxxxxxxxx
Take 5 magazine phoned us yesterday and they want to do a story on Emma and her ever growing sticker collection.  Apparently they saw the article in the Gold Coast Bulletin.  Can I just say again that I am so gobsmacked that we, an ordinary old  family from the Gold Coast are getting so much publicity.  We have never done anything special we just have a sick little girl.  We are incredibly blessed though as it could be a lot worse that it is.  Emma is so strong and will get through this even stronger.  She is going to be an amazing woman one day.  One who I will proudly say "see her, she's my little girl"

Anyway I have to go and get some work done.  Hope this finds you all happy and healthy.
Leanne xox


deb famularo said...

Dearest Leanne,
I've been catching up on your posts. I admire you so much- you have amazing strength. And here you are still creating beautiful projects through all of it. That is so wonderful about the magazine article! And that you guys have an incredible support system. All my continued prayers for Emma and your family - and yes, all of this will make Emma a very strong woman someday! God bless you both. love d

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

WOW!! Such exciting news!! I loveeeeeeeee the photos!! If you guys do get to go to Disneyland... you should let me know, I am only a few hours from there... I'd sneak over and meet you! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

Sandra said...

hi Leanne,
I posted something on your blog a while ago, kinda talked in a riddle though could not say too much at the time.
Im glad an angel got in contact and has shared some of her plans.
This however, is just the tip of the iceberg...
Hope to chat at some point soon.

PS> this parent is extremely proud to know such a wonderful young lady.

Sheree said...

Oh great pics Leanne! Sounds like you had a great time at the Make a Wish evening...and how lovely that Take 5 want to do an article too! Hoping all goes well for round 3. You must be SO proud of your amazing girl. :)

Sheree xx

Lea said...

Hi Leanne, I am just catching up on your last few posts. And despite all you are going through, it is heart warming to see so many precious moments being made on your Cancer journey. Thinking of you often.