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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Blythe wanted

We are on the look out for a sister for Faith and Hope. Have found a wholesaler in China but need to order minimum of five from him. Will keep looking I suppose.

I really want my own Blythe too 


Melanie B said...

LOL Leanne. we have become a blythe obsessed house here!! We only have bohemian peace but Lulu wants raspberry sorbet and Liv wants simply guava! Maybe you could get a couple of people and get a couple. Are they cheaper??? I Love them too have taken to playing with dolls again. LOL. The girls also love the LPS Blythes & keep asking for jobs to buy them!! LOL. Love it.

M xxx

carmel clarke said...

Hi Leanne, have you tried e-bay,there are often some on there. Good luck at the hospital this week. Your family will be in my thoughts. Carmel

Anonymous said...

Hi Leanne

I too have become a big fan of Blythe this year. I didn't know she existed and then found the One Crafty mumma Blog and well she is just gorgeous isn't she? My daughter is only 3 and I already have plans of finding one for her although being in the UK seems to make things a little more difficult :/
Hope Emma is doing well this week and the rest of the family are good! Allie xx

Rhonda said...

Hi Leanne... Maybe you could get the 5 dolls and raffle them off. Retain the one you want. Take out the money for the remaining 4 dolls and then the extra money raised could be given to cancer research charity!