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Saturday, March 19, 2011

What a week

I cannot believe that it has only been just over one week since Emma had her chemotherapy.  Feels like forever.
She has had a fabulous week.  No feeling sick or anything and she has even been going to school.  Don't know how long that will last but it is a good start.  I think the fact that she has been receiving parcels everyday has been a huge help.

Our family cannot believe the generosity of total strangers.  It is amazing and proves to me that there is still hope in this world.  So far she has received millions of awesome stickers, a butterfly quilt, blanket, 3 beautiful amazing outfits for her Blythe dolls.  Yep notice I said Blythe dolls. The Blythe that she ordered arrived the other day so she now has two.  I am starting to think that these dolls are so adorable that I may need to purchase myself one......

Faith and Hope showing off their new outfits compliments of Janelle and Miss Emily xxx
She also received another beautiful dress but I haven't taken a photo of that one yet

Just a smidgen of the cards that Emma has received in just 4 days.

Emma and the quilt that arrived from her beautiful cousin Amy

All of these gorgeous packages arrived from the one person.  So much yummy Kikki k stuff and three beautiful handmade hearts which say Faith Hope and Love.  Pretty cool considering what Em has named her Blythe dolls.

Two of the petite Blythe's she was given from one of our employees.

My longest and dearest friend Kimmi her little babe and mine.

This weeks has gone so slow.  Not much has really been happening here other than loads of mail arriving.  Work is going well although we can always use more students.

Mad about Scrappin have asked me to stay on as one of the DT members and I said a big fat YES.  Leanne is great to work for and she always sends me the bestest kits filled to the brim with loads of yummies, thanks Leanne xxx

Don't forget that there is a new challenge over at These are a few of my Fave things blog.  This one is "Favourite Pastimes"  Mine is reading and you can find my layout by clicking HERE.  Two great challenges are posted every month so make sure you get on over and have a look.

I taught a class at Kaisercraft last weekend so can finally share with you what we made. The photo does not do justice to the colours in the flowers.  Don't really know what happened there.....

And below is a clock that I whipped up last night for Emma's room.

Well I am getting tired so think I might go and hit the sack.   Am going out with my girlfriend Kim tomorrow to a mind and body workshop, am really looking forward to it I can tell you.

Hope this finds you all happy and healthy, stay safe
Leanne xxx


Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Loveeeeeeeeeeee all her happy mail and her dolls new clothes!! And I love love love love love your new creations!! JUST GORGEOUS!!! Glad to hear she is doing ok!! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

lizzyc said...

oh this all sounds lovely! so good to hear your spirits are high.. sending you hugs and health to you too!!

Jo Baker said...

So pleased to hear about the happy mail that Emma has been receiving and hope it continues to lift her spirits.

Hope that Mind and Body workshop is relaxing for you - I can only imagine how much you need that right now.

Thinking of you all

Moira said...

Hey there Leanne, I spoke about Emma to my class the other day, and sent home a letter version of your story and the sticker request. The kids are already sending stuff, but one of the mums has expressed an interest in making bandannas. She's wondering what sort of dimensions you're after, and if there's any preferred fabric types. Otherwise, she's a dressmaker and has tonnes of brightly coloured fabrics that she can whip up to donate.

You're in our prayers - the whole school prays for Emma and your family at our daily worship time :-)

Love, Moira

Just like Martha said...

Hi there Leanne, so, so glad Emma is enjoying ALL her happy mail, the ladies I exercise with every Wednesday have put together a collection of great stickers, I will post them off next week. Please pass on a HUGE thanks to Emma for her beautiful type written note, stay strong beautiful girl x

Sandra said...

Hi leanne, your story has touched the hearts of our family and by now emma would have received a little package from my two daughters miranda and kiera. This is only the beginning though, we will be in touch soon with some exciting news. Cheers, Sandra