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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Hospital visit, stickers, stickers and more stickers.

To say that Emma has received some male lately would me the biggest understatement ever. Lets just say that we have received approximately 140 parcels to date. I am just incredible gobsmacked at the amazing generosity of so many people. Not only has she got stickers but also Blythe clothes (think her dolls have more clothes than me now), beanies, bandanna's, books, toys and everything else. I have taken a couple of photos of the cards and things she got.

 the boxes and bags at the back of the photo are all filled to the brim with stickers.
 A portrait of my little girl
 gorgeous pillow that takes pride of place on her bed with her two fav friends
 an amazing decorated box all the way from New Zealand for her stickers
 more of the box
and more cards.

She has been so blessed.

Last week we ended up spending 4 days in hospital.  Emma got a high temp and her mouth was full of ulcers.  They had to keep her in to make sure she didn't have an infection.  During the hospital stay her beautiful hair started falling out.  This was so devastating for her as I guess it would be for anyone.  She is fine about it now though which is great.

We were released on Friday afternoon and on Saturday Emma went to the hairdressers and had the remainder of her hair clipped off.  She did not like the patchy look......

 shaving daddy's hair
 matching beanies

wearing her fav hat and the wispy look before the clipper

Jacob headed off to his Social Skills group on Tuesday and they were lucky enough to have a visit form Matty Rogers and his family.  Matty started a charity called 4ASDKids which helps ASD children.  4ASDKids donated $8000 towards Gold Coast Autism.  THANK YOU....

Well I have nothing more to share.  Thinks are going well in the Love household at the moment.  Emma heads off to Brisbane again on Wednesday for her next 4 lots of chemo.  She is not really looking forward to it but it has to be done.

I am off now as I have lots to do, Have some great layouts that are being sold as kits at Mad about Scrappin.  You will have to wait for those though as I haven't quite finished them. We still have 60+ thank you's to write, Emma tells me what to write then I type them up for her.  She did start handwriting them but she received so much stuff that her hand was getting sore and it was taking forever.
Hope this finds you all happy and healthy
Leanne xxx


Michele the Witch said...

WOW, what a lucky young girl you have, not to mention brave. I am sure her attitude and bravery are a direct result and reflection of yours and the rest of the family's. I hope things go well with the next lot of chemo. Thinking of you all and as before if there is anything you need, just call.

Leanne said...

Thanks heaps Michelle xxx

Amanda Laurel Atkins said...

Emma's bravery is an absolute inspiration to me. I keep her in my prayers and think of you guys often!! I am so glad the portrait got to you safe and sound, it's so neat to see that you posted it!! I'll be thinking of your family.

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

I am glad that she is home from the hospital! I think she looks BEAUTIFUL as always!! I loveeeeeeee all the photos! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

lizzyc said...

how lovely to be surrounded by the thoughts and prayers of so many.. and we do hold you up in prayer and am hoping to hear some good news soon.. take care..

Sheree said...

How wonderful that Emma has received so many well wishes...she deserves every little surprise she gets! How cute are those matching beanies!!! I'll be thinking of her on Wednesday and hoping all goes well.

Sheree xx

karen said...

Hi Leanne, i'm glad to know that emma is at home right now! it's beautiful to see all this beautiful things she has been receiving, with lots of love she's going to be fine soon...

I like to draw, so i made a pencil portrait for her...i hope she likes it!

pencil portrait:

karen said...

a pencil portrait for emma!

Melissa Goodsell said...

I am so thrilled to pop in here tonight and read about all of Emma's wonderful gifts. She's such a special, sweet girl and she's obviously touched everybody's hearts.

Those matching girl/blythe beanies are adorable!!

I hope the next round of chemo goes well, we'll be thinking of you here.

Melissa Goodsell said...

P.S. I just had a look at the pencil portrait link - it's beautiful!

Melissa Goodsell said...

Oh, I'm sorry....I have to comment again! LOL I've just realised the size of the case - it's just beautiful too, how wonderful to keep all of her stickers in. The pillow is just gorgeous too and what a beautiful drawing. I love everything!!

Lea said...

Hello brave Mummy. What a beautiful post Leanne. Your gratitude and optimism shines through. I am thrilled sweet Emma has been so spoilt. It's a long road ahead and it will be lovely to look back on these posts and read cards as a reminder that SO many people are thinking of you and praying for you. Take care! Leax

Mardi said...

So lovely to see Emma has recieved so many beautiful cards and gifts.
Best of luck for the next round of treatment....and tell Emma I think she looks just beautiful with her newly shaven head.
Mardi x

Anonymous said...

(I think she received some 'mail', not 'male' ;) )

Rachael said...

Hi Em and Leanne, I'm just catching up on the blog posts. I'm a little slow LOL. So pleased to see Emma is surrounded by support! I'm hoping my latest parcel arrived. I couldn't go past the easter fabric and thought with the cooler months coming up, a few flannel ones might be useful.
Thinking of you all