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Monday, January 3, 2011

MRI Results

Results from MRI:

Tumour has grown back to almost 2/3 the original size in just 6 weeks.  Surgery is not really an option at this point as it will probably only grow back again just as quick.  We are off to see the oncologist on the 5th and she will probably get a port put in and then they will start chemo on the 6th.  The first course is going to be for 3 months and then they will up the dose for the next 3 and so on for 12 months.  If that doesn't work (it will anyway) then they will do radiation therapy.  She has a long road ahead of her but she is tough and will get through it. 

I have started doing the photo a day so here are my photos;

Day 1: 
Decided to hit the sales and see what I could pick up....  Managed to get everyone else something but could not find anything for me

Day 2: 
My crazy girl and her equally crazy little cousin Cooper

Day 3:
Boat full of goofballs - enjoying a late night dip during her sleepover.

Well I am in for a late night I believe as Emma is having a sleep over for her birthday tomorrow.  The girls are so full of sweets and soda that I don't think they will be asleep at all.  I let them go for a big swim a little while ago hoping that it would tire them  out - ha how wrong was I.......

I cannot wait for Emma to wake up tomorrow morning. Stuart and I have bought her a little Pandora bracelet. Her girlfriend gave her a little present charm and I have got her a little black and white cow.  Jacob wanted to get her a little crucifix so he did.  Mishae gave her a beautiful little heart dangly one.  She knows that she is getting the Pandora but nothing about the charms we have for her.  I have told her that I will let her buy a small charm after every chemo session.  She is to have the chemo once every three weeks.

Anyway there is quite at the moment so I am going to go and make a nice cup of tea and relax while I have the chance.  I am supposed to be taking them out to Intencity tomorrow and then to the coffee shop for kiddy chinos.  If they don't let me sleep though they won't be going....

Hope this finds you all well
Leanne xxx


lizzyc said...

HI there.. it sounds like there is a fun day ahead.. i hope you all get to laugh and play an have an extra fabulous day for Emma's birthday.. and i pray the next step goes as well as it can..xx

Melanie B said...

Happy birthday Em!!! I am sorry to hear ems new Lee, we will be praying for her as she goes on this journey. Please let us know if you need anything. I know He will give you strength for whatever you go through!!! Keep your chin up & hoping for good results.

Mel xx

Leanne said...

Oh My! My heart goes out to you and your family. This is such scary news but as you say, she is tough and you will be too. I'm praying that your journey ahead will be successful.

Happy birthday to Emma! Have a great day!!!

Sheree said...

Leanne I'm SO sorry to hear this news. Hoping and praying that the next steps in Emma's treatment go well with great results. That's one courageous girl you have there. A big happy birthday to the birthday girl! I hope she has the most wonderful day!

Sheree xx

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

I am so sorry to hear about the know I will continue to pray for her and your family.....loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeee the photos!!! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

Emma said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY Little Em! With lots of love from Big Em! I will be thinking of you all day tomorrow, and sending some of my bravery and strength your way, even though I know you are the bravest girl in the world, and that goes for you too Mama L. You know I am here any time you need, let me know when I can come and say a cheery hi!
Lots and lots of love, thinking of you ..xx Big Em

deb famularo said...

I am so sad to hear this and will continue to pray for Emma. She is so brave and has been through more already than most people. I hope she has a really wonderful birthday celebration with her friends. And mom, you stay strong, keep praying and keep the faith....lots of love to you. We're all here praying for your family.