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Monday, January 31, 2011

Blythe Doll

EEK,  Emma desperately wants a Blythe Doll........ Have you seen how expensive they are, holy cow.  I have been searching every way I could think possible to find a cheap one but the 12 inch ones are just not cheap
You must admit though that they are very cute

adorable even........

Leanne :-)


lizzyc said...

Hi... to be honest i haven't even seen one.. i will try and find one to see what they look like...xx

Heather Jacob said...

wow first time on your blog .. reading about your daughter ... yes it is heartbreaking for all of you.. our precious son Mark had an extremely RARE type of Leukemia back in 1990... had a whole year in hospital with chemo, many operations and a transplant ... he survived all of this ... the doctors were amazed as they gave him absolutely no hope at all .... take care and be gentle on yourself.. thinking of you and sending healing your way .... hugz x

deb famularo said...

Hi Leanne,

I know, Blythe dolls are so cute and so addicting. I don't have one, but lots of friends do! Too expensive for me to get hooked on! I've been thinking of you guys, the weather and floods there are horrible. Emma is in my prayers always.
We move later this month, the past 5 months have been hectic here in an apartment. Hopefully things will settle down once we have a home again and I can spend more time online catching up. Lots of love to you guys....xoxo

Kashfiya said...

Gorgeous Doll. I love Blythe and wanna to order this without waiting a single minute at PIJ :D
Its really decorous. Very Happy. Thanks!!!