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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Sad face

Well  it doesn't look like I will be winning anything over at Aussie Scrap Source, major bummer as I really wanted to win the Becky Flecks sketches 2 book.  Haven't budgeted for it so unless by some miracle heaps of people vote the I guess I won't be getting it. (insert sad face here)

Emma is going back into surgery tomorrow as her jaw has not healed which means that there is an infection there.  They are going to open her up and replace the two plates to larger ones and then scrap down the bone to remove any bugs.  Ewww, sounds gross but at least this is only relatively small compared to her last surgery.  As soon as all of this is healed then the dental surgery team can work their magic on her new teeth.

Emma had her presentation night at Hillcrest Christian College and I am so proud to say that even though she has missed loads of school because of her cancer, she still managed to take out an academic achievement award for year 5.  How proud are her mummy and daddy...............  I would love to have had photos to show but the ones that I took were terrible..  Haven't got the hang of taking night time shots yet.

Have managed to get a few layouts done and you can see them below.

I loved doing this one of Jacob as I don't normally use bling or stitching on his pages but I am happy with the outcome

 Love this one with showing the changes in Emma over the past 5 years.  She has certainly grown up into such a strong young lady.

Anyway, have nothing more to share.  Have to go and pack a few things for hospital and will get back to you all on the weekend with updates on how she is.  If you are a friend on facebook then check in over there as I will post regular updates.

Hope this post finds you and your families all happy and healthy.  Take care and stay safe

PS won a prize over at Vintage Chic Cafe the other day.  Will be stalking the post man soon.  Also won a voucher to spend at Paper Poppy Kit Co which I spent pretty quickly.


Nadia Cannizzo said...

awww hope that miracle does come your way. You deserve it! I hope all goes well in surgery! poor thing...she is such a beautiful girl. take care!

lizzyc said...

thinking of you.. trusting the surgery goes well.. take care..

Leanne said...

I hope all goes very well tomorrow during the surgery...x

Love your LOs. Good Luck with the Aussie Scrap Source comp.

Sheree said...

Wow isn't Emma such a clever little chickadee! What a fantastic acheivement especially when she's been having to deal with so must be so very proud of her Leanne!

So frustrating that she has to go in for more surgery but I hope it all goes really well tomorrow!

Sheree xx

Christine said...

I hope little Emma's surgery went well. What a clever chicky, you must be bursting with pride!

Lea said...

This is a gorgeous lo leeanne. Love the vibrant colours and the little flower print in bottom corner. Congrats to Emma as well. Clever girl! A great achievement.

Melanie B said...

Congrats Emma she is such a clever gorgeous girl!!

Sorry about ASS I am sure you will win another time.

Layouts are gorgeous!!! The stitching looks great.

Praying Emma does not need much more surgery and it all heals well.

Love Me xxx