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Thursday, July 8, 2010


Emma was back at the doctors yesterday as the antibiotics have done absolutely nothing.  We now have an appointment with an Ear, nose throat specialist on Friday.  The doctor now thinks that maybe some of her lymph glands may be blocked in which case Emma would need to be put under a general anaesthetic to have them unblocked, my poor little pumpkin.

Stuart and I went shopping yesterday and purchased ourselves a nice new leather lounge mmmm it smells so very yummy.  We got one of the theatre ones where the four of us now have recliners.  That along with the new 50 inch HD Plasma he got was perfect last night for watching the state of origin.  We also grabbed a new low line entertainment unit for the children's tv.  The house looks so much nicer with the new stuff.

Stuart is out looking at new cars today as well.  We have our staff starting in a couple of weeks and the sales manager will need a company car so he will be getting one like mine (Toyota corolla) It is all very exciting although we still have not heard about the office - bit of a pain but I am sure if we are meant to have that one then everything will fall exactly into place. 

We are still trudging along with our gluten free diet.  I have managed to go down a dress size since cutting out gluten so I am pretty stoked.  I am going to take Jacob to see another naturopath for a second opinion and to see if there are any other things that we can do. 

Stuart and I went to the gg's on Saturday and got spoilt in the Directors Lounge.  The food and bubbly was brought out all day and we didn't have to pay for a thing.  I even managed to win over $300 on a pretty horse.  Apparently I backed the one that was a no hoper but he ended up winning so I was on cloud nine.  Stuart wasn't impressed as he didn't have one win all day hehehehehe.

Well the time has come for me to go.  I really need to get the BAS finished and then do the bank rec's.  Happy Thursday to you all
Leanne xxx


Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Ohhhhhhhhh I hope she gets better news at the new dr. and I hope everything comes out good!!! I wanna see the new couch!! SOUNDS gorgeous! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

Melanie B said...

Really hope you get Emma sorted poor little thing. It's awful to see them go through stuff.

Sounds like it's all coming together for the business. Praying it all goes well.

Looks like you had fun. Enjoy your holidays.

Me xx

deb famularo said...

Gosh, I hope they get Emma fixed up and soon. What a beautiful p-hoto of you and Stuart!
My life is chaotic Leanne, our home is for sale again, so I'm cleaning non-stop. Cross your ringers it sells this time,we're trying to ove to Orlando, FL. PRAYYYYYYY it works out!!! I hate it here in TX!!! love u! xoxo

Megan W said...

Hey Leanne

it Megan:)

long time no chat you need to call me :)

Hope emma is doing better and that it didnt result in surgury ??:(

Keep going with the GFCF diet mate it will take at least 6 - 12 weeks to see improvement in J, little Blake took 5 months to show improvement but it helps it really helps, he has settled down heaps and can be more in the momemtn with us all the time, keep going dont give up :)
we are on it full time now :(
good luck love to catch u pMate been tooo long :(0

chat soon Megan xx