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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Surgery went well. The prognosis not looking good but will know. Exactly what we are dealing with in a couple of weeks

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Emma goes into surgery tomorrow morning @ 8.30am. She will be there for two or three nights. We are constantly praying for a positive result from the biopsy

We thank you all for your prayers but ask that you keep praying as we won't know for a while of the results
Leanne & Stuart

Sunday, July 25, 2010


Our little princess had her MRI and CT scans last week.  She was so brave and incredibly patient.

The results have shown a tumour in her lower face/jaw area.  We are having a biopsy done on Thursday of this week so we will know more then (hopefully). 

This has come as quite a shock but we are praying with all our hearts that the tumour is benign.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Back to school

Tomorrow my babies are heading back to school.  They have just finished 3 long weeks of holidays.  We haven't done a great deal with them this holidays as we have both been super busy getting everything ready for the new office.  We are moving in in 3 weeks but until then we have leased a meeting room for us and the three new staff.

Haven't taken many photos although Emma asked me to take some photos of her baby Ally.  Emma has had this baby doll since she was 6 months old so to say that it is a little grotty would be an understatement.  Bleaching doesn't even help these days.  She takes her "baby" with her everywhere and she even managed to smuggle her away in her suitcase when we went to Malaysia. So very cute.  This weekend Emma has been pretending that Ally is real and has had to stop doing stuff throughout the day as Ally has required her help or needed changing or feeding...... It is funny though how Ally seems to wake up etc after I have asked Emma to go clean her room or something. 

Ally has been a very loved little doll and I hope that Emma will keep her and then pass her onto her own children.

Not much else to tell.  Emma has her MRI on Wednesday and then is scheduled to have another CT with contrast 2 hours later.  Fingers crossed that they can tell us what is wrong.

Leanne xxx

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Movie World

What a day,  took the rug rats to Movie World as we have season passes to there, Sea World and Wet and Wild.  Had the best time.

Went on the Wild West flume ride first and could not believe how wet we got.  It looked as if someone had literally tipped a bucket of water over Jacobs head.  It was so funny.  Did the usual stuff and went on the rides although we didn't do them all today.  Doesn't matter as we can go back anytime we want in the next 12 months :-)
The stunt cars were totally amazing drivers and very talented. 

Well that is it for me.  Am tired and just about to go and have a soak in the bath tub.  Am going to try and scrap a little tonight.

Leanne :-)

Monday, July 12, 2010

Movieworld, CT results and scrapping

YAH we are all heading off to Movieworld for the day tomorrow.  We purchased ourselves a yearly family pass to Movieworld, Seaworld and Wet and Wild.  I am so excited as I love the rides at Movieworld (although they really scare me something chronic) I promise that I will be back tomorrow night with loads of photos to share.

We had the specialist phone us this afternoon to let us know the results of Emma's CT scan. He is still unaware of what is wrong with her but he did say that he does not believe at this point that it is cancer. He wants her to have another CT scan only this time with the contrast dye injected and then he wants her to have an MRI.  Once we have done this they will re evaluate and then if necessary they will take a tissue samples for analysis.  My poor little baby.  She looks so lopsided with one side of her face fat and the other normal.  It is really hurting her as well.  We haven't told her that she is to have the MRI and another CT yet as we want a date first.  Her specialist spoke directly to the radiographer today and he mentioned that we may get her in later this week or early next.  Fingers crossed.  I can tell you that I will be praying so hard it isn't the "c" word. Stuart and I are absolutely terrified at the moment so if you are the praying type then please pray for our little pumpkin.

Ok so I scrapped last night (when I was in the mood before getting our news today)

I got this paper from Kaiser yesterday and I love the final result.  It is not often that I get a photo with my husband as I am usually the one behind the camera so I knew that I had to scrap it pretty quickly.

These other layouts are ones that I completed at the papercraft convention recently.

yep I know this one hasn't got a photo yet but it will as soon as I find the right one for it.

I took Emma to the local shopping Centre on Friday as she was wanting to have a go in these big balls that you climb in and float on the water.  Funny to watch
I then took them to the coffee shop where we all had hot chocolate and cakes.  Perfect day spent with my adorable little rug rats.

Leanne xxx

Friday, July 9, 2010

Quick update

This will just be a very quick update for those who wish to know what is happening with our little princess.

We took her to the Ear Nose Throat surgeon today who proceeded to tell us that in all his 25 years of practice he had not seen anything like this. (Great vote of confidence there).  We had to take her straight down for a CAT scan and should hopefully know something on Monday.  Hate waiting, so frustrating.......

Jacob has an appointment with Dr Richard Stucky on the 27th July in regards to his Austim.  We are hoping that Dr Stucky will lead us in the right direction.  He has been trained as a DAN (Doctors against Autism) doctor which is very comforting.  If you do not know anything about a DAN doctor then you should read Jenny McCarthy's books.  Inspiring to say the least.

Ok I am off, have just had dinner out with the family which was lovely.  Took a little longer to get our meals as they had to be created from scratch due to the gluten free diet but it was well worth the wait.

Hope you all have a beautiful weekend and to my beautiful friend in Frisco, Texas - good luck with the sale princess xx

Leanne :-)

Thursday, July 8, 2010


Emma was back at the doctors yesterday as the antibiotics have done absolutely nothing.  We now have an appointment with an Ear, nose throat specialist on Friday.  The doctor now thinks that maybe some of her lymph glands may be blocked in which case Emma would need to be put under a general anaesthetic to have them unblocked, my poor little pumpkin.

Stuart and I went shopping yesterday and purchased ourselves a nice new leather lounge mmmm it smells so very yummy.  We got one of the theatre ones where the four of us now have recliners.  That along with the new 50 inch HD Plasma he got was perfect last night for watching the state of origin.  We also grabbed a new low line entertainment unit for the children's tv.  The house looks so much nicer with the new stuff.

Stuart is out looking at new cars today as well.  We have our staff starting in a couple of weeks and the sales manager will need a company car so he will be getting one like mine (Toyota corolla) It is all very exciting although we still have not heard about the office - bit of a pain but I am sure if we are meant to have that one then everything will fall exactly into place. 

We are still trudging along with our gluten free diet.  I have managed to go down a dress size since cutting out gluten so I am pretty stoked.  I am going to take Jacob to see another naturopath for a second opinion and to see if there are any other things that we can do. 

Stuart and I went to the gg's on Saturday and got spoilt in the Directors Lounge.  The food and bubbly was brought out all day and we didn't have to pay for a thing.  I even managed to win over $300 on a pretty horse.  Apparently I backed the one that was a no hoper but he ended up winning so I was on cloud nine.  Stuart wasn't impressed as he didn't have one win all day hehehehehe.

Well the time has come for me to go.  I really need to get the BAS finished and then do the bank rec's.  Happy Thursday to you all
Leanne xxx

Friday, July 2, 2010


Ok it appears that Emma may have an absess somewhere in her jaw which is making the lymph nodes go crazy.  We have some strong antibiotics to give her this week and then we need to head on over to geet another untrasould.  Poor little baby is so sore but tries to limit her complaining.  Praying that this is the correct diagnosis and that the antibiotics will make it all better for her.

Leanne xx

Thursday, July 1, 2010

WHAT a month

Wow what a roller coaster ride we have been on these past couple of weeks.  Our son Jacob (13yrs) has been having difficulties at school so we decided to take him to a naturopath to see what we could do with him.  He has Aspergers syndrome so we wanted to explore other ways of helping him.  The Naturopath has told us that we need to get him on a gluten/casein free diet.  What a major change this is going to be for our family as we regularly enjoy dining out and we love milk and cheese eek!!!!  This is something that we really have to do though if our son has any chance of living a normal life.  Well as normal as any Aspergers person can have.

Emma our 10yr old got bumped in the side of the face 19 days ago by our Labradors head and a bump came up.  I was away that weekend so Stuart took her to the doctor who said that if the swelling has not gone down in two weeks time then to go back.  We went back and were sent off for an ultrasound in the hope that it was a haemotoma that has gone hard (which would be easy enough to fix) but nooooo the ultrasound lady could not find a haemotoma instead she found a couple of incredibly enlarged parotid glands and even more swollen lymph nodes.  She said to go back to the doctors and see what they say.  It is so bizarre and very worrying when we have no idea what is wrong with her.  Everyday she is getting headaches and her face is so swollen it makes her look lopsided - poor little munchkin.  Will be seeing her doctor in the morning so hopefully we will get an answer.  I hope and pray that it is nothing serious and can just be fixed with a course of antibiotics.

We have just employed our first three staff for Aurora and they will be starting in two weeks time.  It is very exciting and also nerve wracking at the same time.  I cannot wait until we get our office finished and everything is fully up and running.

We had dinner with the in laws last night as my father in law and his brother are heading off on their dream vacation tomorrow.  They are off to Europe to watch the Tour de France.  They will also be riding parts of the track with the tour that they are going with.  I can just imagine how much of an awesome time they are both going to have and  will be waiting patiently to hear all about it when they return.

Have not been scrapping as much as I would have liked as I have been busy getting stuff ready for the business and besides that my mojo is still on holiday somewhere. I have uploaded the little that I have managed to scrap.

Anyway, must go as I have the ironing to get finished and kids to feed.  Hope this post finds you all happy healthy and living life to the fullest.

Leanne :-)