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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Wednesday, June 16, 2010


Gee I have certainly been MIA haven't I....

Have a busy couple of weeks and just spent this past weekend at the Scrapbook and Papercrafts convention in Brisbane.  What an unreal, awesome, tiring  weekend.

Day one started off at 5 pm when Val and I drove up to Brisbane.  We got no further than 5 kilometres up the road when some moron decided to run into the back of my brand new car.  Man how mad was I.  I didn't get angry at him as there was really no point and he felt stupid enough as it was.  He has insurance so that is all that really matters.  The only damage that I can see is on the rear bumper so all is well.  Mind you I did say a couple of choice words once I got back into the car.  Finally we arrived at our destination, unpacked and then sat down to a yummy dinner.  Didn't get a very early night as we were both too excited to sleep.......

Day 2 YAH  our first class was so awesome and so busy.  I am happy with the final creation and will share with you once I have taken photos.  Second class was just as terrific and so fun.  Decided to so a bit of shopping (a bit - yeah right) .  So much stuff to look at and buy.  My poor old bank balance will be looking sad after this weekend.  Decided that I definitely needed a cuttlebug so finally bought it yah me.  That meant that I now had to purchase embossing folders etc etc, down goes the bank balance even further.....  By 5pm Val and I decided that we had had enough and besides it closed at 5....... Drove home, washed up had a cup of tea then headed out to a little Chinese Restaurant up the road.  We went to this place last year and the food was amazing, just a pity I couldn't say the same for it this time.  The entree was devine as was one of our mains but the second main was so disgusting that neither of us ate it.  Such a bummer when you are really looking forward to something and it isn't what you were expecting.  We headed off home and sat around completing the layouts from the days classes.  It is fun having homework.

Day 3:  Yah two more classes this morning and then more shopping (hehehehe).  Classes were super busy today but well and truly worth it.  Was getting a bit tired though by the second one.  Note to self: next year stagger the classes and not try and cram them all in)
After the classes we had a little lunch then hit the stalls again. (woe is me and my bank balance) Couldn't believe how exhausted we were by the time we left.  Frozen dinners tonight and early to bed.  Poor Val is sniffling and sneezing and not looking all that well.  Hope she doesn't decide to share her germs with me.

Day 4:  Cannot believe that today is the last day ALREADY...... Only one class for me today and then I have to drive back home as Stuart and I had a business meeting that afternoon.  I will share the details of this meeting at a later date when everything is official.. Exciting news for us. I did manage to squeeze in more shopping before I left although I have no idea where it is going to fit in my car.  The boot if filled to the brim with my purchases.  Wow I didn't realise that I had bought soooo much.  Now I just have to use it LOL

Anyway it was an INCREDIBLE weekend filled with loads of laughter, creativity, shopping, eating and just generally having a ball.  Was nice to see some old faces and meet new ones. 

Look out 2011, will be counting down the days until then.

Ok so if you guys have managed to get through this mammoth post then well done, you deserve a chocolate bar.

Hope this finds you all well, keep an eye out for photos.

Oh before I forget, Scrap of Difference are having their monthly cybercrop this weekend so pop on over and do the challenges.  It will be fun and the theme this month is Sing-a-Song.


Monday, June 7, 2010

Photo from yesterday

Well I did say that I was going to be back yesterday to post my photo for the day but I simply forgotl  So today I will be posting 2.  The first one is of my new car Tilly.  I had just given her a wash so took the opportunity of getting a nice shiny shot.
This shot is what a typical afternoon at my house looks like.  They get home from school, dump their school bags, grab a bite to eat then veg in the lounge room.. 

Anyway will be back again tomorrow
Leanne xxx

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Stuart's away :-(

Stuart had to drive the new Prado (awesome vehicle, sad to give it away) down to his brother in Tea Gardens which means that the children and I are home alone.  He figured that while he was down there he would also get some business stuff done, which means that he will not be back until Thursday or Friday (insert sad face here)

On the up side he will be bringing back his new Nissan Nirvara dual cab ute (also in black like mine) The cars are going to look awesome once they are done with our Aurora logo.  Bright red on black - noice!

I started scrapping last night, my mojo seems to have gone away with Stuart lol.  Hopefully though it will be back tonight as I plan to scrap again.  I have things that I want to do so lets hope it does return.

I have decided to set my self a challenge and take a photo a day for the next month.  I have been pretty slack lately with the photo taking so by doing this I am hoping it will renew my interest.

Anyway Emma wants to do some cooking which means that I have to shoot out and grab some of the ingredients.  Lets hope that she cleans her own mess this time.

Hope you are all having a lovely weekend and I will be back later this evening to share my first photo of the day.

Oh I watched Julie & Julia last night, great movie - definitely a chick flick.

Leanne xxx

Wednesday, June 2, 2010


I have been published in and American online magazine. If you click on the link it will take you to my layouts. Great little online mag too.

It's Official

Aurora Training Institute is now officially trading.