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Monday, May 3, 2010

She scraps

Friday night finally saw me scrapping. Val and Suse came over and we sat around half the night just chatting and drinking tea..... I did however manage to create two layouts. One of when we were in Kuala Lumpur and the other is of Stuarts little toy. He loves this car and says it makes him feel good when he goes for a spin up the mountain with the top down. I must admit there is a certain feeling you get when you are doing that. Love it.

Emma and I had a lovely weekend with the boys away. Stuart and Jacob took off camping for two nights this weekend so that just left us girls. We went shopping on Saturday and then had coffee (Emma had a smoothie). I took her out for dinner Saturday night and then we came home and watched New Moon. It was great to just have one on one time with her and I think she had fun too.

We had our Government Education Audit on Thursday to ascertain if we were compliant with all the govt rules and regs to become a registered training organisation and guess what........ We passed with not one thing wrong. So there fore I would like to announce that within the next month the Aurora Training Institute will be up and running, offering cert II to Diploma in Business, hospitality and retail. I will let you all know when our website goes live too. It is all so very exciting and a little nerve wracking too.

Anyway have to go as the children are wanting to go for a walk or bike ride or something like that. Catch you on the flip side

Leanne xxx

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Melanie Stanczyk said...

The first layout is so pretty and the second one is so rad-love the paint-it really brings out the card.