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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Home sweet home

As much as I love going away on holiday, there is always something wonderful about coming home.

Spent a wonderful 5 days with my mum, just sitting around talking and visiting relatives. Unfortunately though I had to leave her and meet up with Stuart and the children. The original plan was that the four of us would head off to the Hunter Valley and take our time coming home but Stuart's mum suggested that the children fly back up the coast with her and then the two of us could have a couple of days to ourselves. It was so lovely and we had a wonderful time. We spent the first day going to the wineries tasting the yummy wines and going on a couple of tours through the winery. Ended up bringing quite a bit of it back with us. Lets just say that the cellar is looking pretty full at the moment.
The next morning we got up with the plan that we would go out to Tamworth and look around and then spend the night in Armidale. Ha yeah right, we got to Armidale and thought seeing as it was still early we would go further into Tenterfield. Once we got there Stuart said that seeing as we were only4.5 hours away from home why don't we just keep going. Well we ended up getting home at 8pm after driving for the whole day. We were both exhausted. We ended up picking the children up on our way as Stuarts grandfather was ill and his mum had to leave early in the morning to fly down to Victoria. We got a phone call just after we got back to the house telling us that his grandfather had passed away. Not a nice ending to a lovely holiday. He was sick and in a lot of pain so at least now he is not suffering. He is in God's hands and will be well taken care of now.

Hope this finds you all happy healthy and filled to the brim with chocolate...... Easter bunny forgot all about me. I did look to see if he had hidden anything at the airport for me but alas he didn't. :-(


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