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Sunday, March 28, 2010

Quilt, lampshade and pillow

Well I have been sewing up a storm, well sort of. A while ago I made a small quilt for Emmas bed using the divine Ava Rose fabrics. Mmmm just love these. Seeing as I was having difficulty quilting it I decided to take it to my local quilting store where it will be done. Whilst at the store I noticed that they were having a class on covering lampshades, well I decided to do that also using the Ava Rose fabrics...... The class is on the 17th April so will show you once I have made it. I am using a lamp shade that I found on ebay. Really cheap too. It is a vintage bell shape so should look rather cute once covered. To finish off her room I have ordered even more of this fabric to make cushions for her bed.
Now All I have to do is convince Stuart to paint it a beautiful colour to match all this yummy goodness and get her a new bed.
I just had an idea (and no it didn't hurt lol) I have a large plain canvas somewhere around here so I may just go and cover it with the left over bits from her quilt. She is going to have such a cute little room. Wonder if it would be pushing too much to ask Stuart to get rid of the carpet and lay timber flooring for her........ mmmm I can just imagine what he would say to that (hehehehe)


Sheree said...

Wow Leanne those fabrics are divine!!! Emma is one very lucky girl to have you making over her room with them. I hope you'll share some pics? Have fun at the lampshade class!

Sheree xx
ps. LOL about the timber flooring! Hey you never know if you don't ask right? ROFL

Leanne said...

Sheree, I have more chance of winning lotto than getting the timber flooring LOL

Suse said...

Gorgeous that quilt! Hey, if you gonna get rid of her hand is up that bed!

Melanie B said...

Love those fabrics nearly bought some myself!!!
Can't wait to see what you do make sure you share??

Where are you doing the class?? Sounds awesome!!

Happy Easter

me xxx