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Monday, March 8, 2010

friends layouts and sewing

Met up with an old girlfriend today from my school days. It was fantastic to see her again after all these years and the conversation did not stop. She has the most adorable little rug rats too. I am hoping that we will be seeing lots more of them from now on seeing as she is living just up the road.

I was going to share the layouts that I created on Friday night but one is on display in the store and the other is tucked away for a competition that they are running. I can however show you one layout that appears in this months Scrapbook Creations magazine. It is a layout I did of my son's first fat lip. Am hoping that there will not be any more for a long time but being a boy I am sure there will be.

I also had the pleasure of pattern testing for my friend Susan Hocking.

Susan asked me if I would like to test her new pattern "Ruby Ruffles" yeah as if I am going to say no to an offer like that. The pattern was fantastic and very easy to use. The result was this cute little girlie bag you see below. If you like sewing little bags then do yourself a favour and grab one of her patterns. If you click on the link above then you can see where they are available.

Stuart and I had a meeting with the school this morning to discuss how we are going to make Jacob's schooling easier and less stressful for him. You see Jacob has Autism and is struggling a little with the whole grade 8 thing. I believe that it will get easier and better for him but at the moment he is unhappy and finding things very hard. It is heartbreaking as a parent when you see your child hurting and knowing that there is not a lot you can do for them. We are working very closely with the school now to alleviate any problems that may occur by getting on top of them early. This time next year I will probably be wondering what it was I was worried about.

Our eldest daughter was lucky enough to win a trip to Fiji today. She has been taking part in a competition at her workplace where they had to get positive feedback letters or something along those lines from their clients and Mishae got the most. She does such a wonderful job where she is and seems to have found her niche. Wonder how many tickets she gets LOL - could do with a nice break in Fiji......

Anyway it has come time for me to go as it is bed time for Emma and I need to go tuck her in. Hope this finds you all happy healthy and smiling.

Leanne xx


Melanie B said...

Great layout Leanne. Love the bag too.
Looks like you have been really busy.

Have a great week.

Mel xx

Sheree said...

Ooooh cute bag Leanne! Love the fun fabrics you've used!

Lucky Mishae! That'll be a lovely break for her. You might need to sneak into her suitcase!

Hope you manage to find a way to help Jacob cope with his schooling. It must be so worrying for all of you.

Sheree xx

Melanie Stanczyk said...

Congrat's on the pub! They layout is very cool looking (sorry about the fat lip though...ouch!)

Love the cute bag!

leah said...

Bag looks yummy! Good luck working things out for your son! :)

sPaRkLiNg sCrApBoOkS said...

Oh my goodness stranger, how did this post get by me-
A HUGE congrats on the mag pub! That is fantastic! And the layout is awesome! You always sew beautiful things, this is no exception!
My heart goes out to you with your son. A friend of mine, her son is autistic.She is on my Facebook page. She is always talking about it. Her name is Emily Filuta- next time you're on there, add request her. This is near and dear to her heart, and she is a wealth of information. xOxO