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Saturday, February 6, 2010

Well another week is over, gosh they are going so quickly lately. The children are now catching the bus to school which is great. It saves loads of time for me and gives them a little independence as well.

Jacob is going well, he is struggling a bit with the amount of homework but he will get there. Emma is doing well also, she has signed up with the school choir, band (she is playing the clarinet) and she has joined the speech and drama club. Hopefully we can convince her to get piano lessons too. She will be busy on Monday and Wednesday afternoons as of next week as physical culture begins for the year. Hopefully this year she will really put some effort into it. Not saying that she doesn't but I know her and know that she could do a lot better

We went out and celebrated our daughters 22nd birthday a couple of weeks ago and we managed to get a beautiful photo of the two of us so I just had to scrap it (see below).
Stuart went to Melbourne yesterday with his mate to watch the cricket. They don't get back until Monday afternoon. This has become some what of a yearly tradition for him and Dan. They stay at the casino and probably eat and drink too much but it is nice for Stuart to get a break. He works such long hours and is also completing his MBA so stress relief is very important to him.

Well I am going to go and make the most of my time while he is not here and scrap. e doesn't like it when I pull all my stuff out and mess up the kitchen table so it is kinda nice when I can do it and just leave it all out LOL. If he saw the mess that is out in the kitchen at the moment he would probably have a coronary.

Hope this finds you all happy and healthy

Love Leanne xxx


Cherie said...

Hey gorgeous girl,

LOVE the photo and layout of you and Mishae its just beautiful.

Have a great week,
Cherie xx

Sandra said...

What a gorgeous layout! And such a great picture and a beautiful daughter! It is a picture which you will probably use more than once on your layouts!!

Marcy said...

The photo is perfect, the layout spectacular but ...sorry ...I have to say ...what everyone who sees this will look like her SISTER!!!! The two of you together are stunning....WOW! Must be in the genes!I am afraid you have an unfair advantage...Its easy to scrap beautiful photos!!!! :)

Moira said...

Loving that layout! Gorgeous. Love the detail and your design as always is lovely!
And what a beautiful daughter you have. Just like her Mum. :)

Katharyn said...

get OUT of here! There is no way you have a 22yo daughter. No WAY! What, did you have her when you were, like, 5???? I'm guessing she's a step duaghter or something? If not, then DAMN! You certainly hold your age well.

Melanie B said...

gorgeous photo & LO Lee.
I have to agree you don't look old enough to have mishae.

Mmmm it is nice when you can just cut loose huh. Have fun.

Me xx

Christine said...

Wow, love that LO, the photo is stunning!