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Saturday, February 20, 2010

Not a lot to share

This week has gone by so quickly. Cannot believe that it is already Saturday.

Jacob had to go to Bond Uni this morning for more testing in regards to his Autism. I just want this to all be over with and for us to figure out what we can do for him to make his life easier. He seems to be doing better at school though. He has completed his first assignment on our family tree and he said it was a great feeling to get it finished. He then came home that same afternoon all grumpy as he now has a science project to do. High school is very trying when you are a person that sometimes just doesn't get it......As a mother it breaks your heart.

Emma is doing great. She has been shifted to the "ECHO" program which is for gifted and talented. Our children are so totally different. We have Jacob who struggles through everything that he does and then Emma who appears to have it all, intelligence, socially active, sporting etc etc. Go figure.

Stuart is working and studying hard as usual. He is half way through his Masters Degree so only two years left. What with Uni, work and being away for business meetings we rarely see him. Actually that is probably a bit of an overstatement as he is here most nights. LOL

I am just still at home doing not much at all. Just a housewife looking after my terrific family.

I was going to do some scrapping this week but time just got away from me. Socializing just seems to take so much of your time LOL LOL.

Anyway as I said before I really so not have a lot to share so I am outta here and will catch you on the flip side.

Leanne :-)

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

I think ear plugs are the order of the day

Emma brought home her instrument this week, the clarinet. She has only ever played the recorder so I guess until she figures out the clarinet we will be hearing lots of screeching noises coming from her bedroom. She looks so cute playing it as it is a lot bigger than I thought it was going to be. She is absolutely loving it so I guess that has to be a good thing.

Jacob headed of to Year 8 camp on Wednesday and got home yesterday full of smiles and funny stories. I am so glad that he had a great time as I do worry so much when he is away.

Well while Stuart was in Melbourne I managed to get some scrapping done. You already saw the first one in my last post. I received my box of Kaisercraft goodies (shaken not stirred) in the mail a few days ago and I was dying to have a play. I love the new ranges they are releasing and would have to say that this one is my fav (at the moment) followed very closely by "devonshire".
Ok well not much else happening in my little corner of the world so bye

Hope everyone has a beautiful Valentines Day tomorrow.

Leanne :-)

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Well another week is over, gosh they are going so quickly lately. The children are now catching the bus to school which is great. It saves loads of time for me and gives them a little independence as well.

Jacob is going well, he is struggling a bit with the amount of homework but he will get there. Emma is doing well also, she has signed up with the school choir, band (she is playing the clarinet) and she has joined the speech and drama club. Hopefully we can convince her to get piano lessons too. She will be busy on Monday and Wednesday afternoons as of next week as physical culture begins for the year. Hopefully this year she will really put some effort into it. Not saying that she doesn't but I know her and know that she could do a lot better

We went out and celebrated our daughters 22nd birthday a couple of weeks ago and we managed to get a beautiful photo of the two of us so I just had to scrap it (see below).
Stuart went to Melbourne yesterday with his mate to watch the cricket. They don't get back until Monday afternoon. This has become some what of a yearly tradition for him and Dan. They stay at the casino and probably eat and drink too much but it is nice for Stuart to get a break. He works such long hours and is also completing his MBA so stress relief is very important to him.

Well I am going to go and make the most of my time while he is not here and scrap. e doesn't like it when I pull all my stuff out and mess up the kitchen table so it is kinda nice when I can do it and just leave it all out LOL. If he saw the mess that is out in the kitchen at the moment he would probably have a coronary.

Hope this finds you all happy and healthy

Love Leanne xxx

Monday, February 1, 2010

They are back at school

Well the children are finally back at school after the summer holidays. Today was the day that they caught the school bus. They have never done that before so they were quite excited. It certainly saves a heap of time for me seeing as the traffic is so bad during drop off and pick up. I just have to make sure that I am there to pick them up at 3.30. Jacob has his swimming carnival today but he is not competing. He will just sit back and watch. He also has his school camp in two weeks. I am just hoping and praying that he will be fine with it all. I did a layout on the weekend too which is a miracle in itself. I decided to have a go at the Blue Moon Scrapping challenge and here is my attempt.

Australia Day saw us spending the day with old friends and having a ball. The weather was perfect which meant that most of the day was spent floating around the pool. It was just a perfect day, full of laughter, stories of happenings years ago, great food and above all great friends.

Just wanted to share a couple of layouts that I did for Kaisercraft also.

Well that is it for me. Take care and stay safe

Leanne :-)