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Friday, December 31, 2010

New Years Eve

Can you believe that it is New Years Eve???  I can't

This year has gone so fast and has been a tough one for us, what with Emma having the tumours and the big surgeries that she has gone through.  We were hoping that this year was going to be way better but it hasn't started that way.  Emma is on her way to hospital now to get an MRI as they have found another tumour in her face and she is being admitted to hospital on the 5th January, just one day after her birthday.  Not much of a birthday for her this year.

On a brighter note, we had a fabulous Christmas in Tea Gardens with Stuarts family.  It was great to see the cousins all playing. They all get on so well and there are never any arguments.  They are just amazing kids.  Stuart's sister in law had her brother and family come over from the UK so that made the day even more special. 

Santa was very nice to me this year as I got a beautiful ghd hair straightener...... No more daggy hair for this little chickie.

I have actually put the photos into collages which make it easier to see more

There are loads more photos but I will save them for another post.

Finally I just want to say

May 2011 be a happy healthy and prosperous year for you all.
See you next year
xxx Leanne xxx

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

3 more sleeps

Can  you believe that there are only 3 more sleeps until Santa comes?  This year has been such a blur and has gone way too quick for my liking.

We had Emma up at the hospital on Monday as she has a lump on the side of her face.  We managed to get an ultrasound done and then the surgeon came and spoke to us.  We then had to go back on Tuesday for a fine needle aspiration of the area to find out what on earth it is.  They don't believe that it could be tumour again although there is always the slight possibility that it is.  They are leaning towards a haematoma which is what Stuart and I are hoping it is.  Seeing as Emma has a needle phobia they decided to do the procedure in theatre.  Emma was nervous as usual but she was so brave and walked into the theatre, popped herself up on the table and placed the mask over her face and held it there until she was asleep.  The procedure took them about 30 minutes and they managed to get a good sample to send to pathology.  The doctor that performed the procedure said that it was not solid which is what we were praying for.  Now we just have to wait until about the 30th to get the results.  I hate waiting especially for something like this.

We are heading down to Tea Gardens this year to spend Christmas with Stuarts brother and his family.  I am hoping that the rain stays away for us but I am thinking that that is not really going to happen.  We won't be seeing my brother and his family this year as they have jetted off to Koi Samui (sp?) for Christmas and the New Year.

Well I will leave you now and if I don't get back her before Christmas I would like to say a big thank you to everyone who has been reading my blog and sending us all their prayers etc for Emma.  I hope you all have the Merriest Christmas ever and remember that Jesus in the reason for the season.  On that note I will leave you with photos of our past week.

Love hugs and kisses
Leanne :-)

Friday, December 17, 2010


I cannot believe how fast December is going.  I didn't realise that it had been so long since I had updated the good old blog (sorry mum)

Everything has been going along nicely for the Love Family for the past few weeks.  Emma had her final visits to the surgeons who appear to be very happy with how everything is progressing. Although she did notice a lump on the left side of her face last night so I phoned her surgeon this morning how said to go to local gp and get a script for antibiotics incase there was slight bleeding under the skin.  If it has not settled down by tomorrow afternoon then I am to make the trip up to the Royal Chilodrens Hospital again.  I think by now my car could probably drive itself up there.

Business is going well, we just had news that we have managed to be on the NSW Government preferred supplier list which for a new RTO is just fantastic.  This will enable us to make our marketing a little more wide spread.

We are all looking forward to Christmas and a well deserved break.  Stuart has been flat out lately and it will be good to see him relax for a while.  We are heading down to Tea Gardens/Port Stephens for a week to spend Christmas with the family and then on our way home we thought we may stop off in Coffs Harbour.  I guess we will just see how we feel at the time. 

Have been playing around with "Brine Design" digital scrapbooking and came up with the layouts above.  It is so different scrapping digitally as opposed to traditional.  Brine Design have some awesome stuff that really lends itself to being printed out so will be doing that very soon.  I also have other stuff to share but it is for Mad about Scrapping so cannot be shown just yet.  Mad about scrapping have just started a Facebook page too so make sure you head on over and like the page.

Anyway I do not have a lot more to tell. Emma and her girlfried are out in the pool at the moment so I think that it would be a good opportunity to get some photos.

Catch you later
Leanne xxx

Friday, December 3, 2010

Weather is crap!!!!

I cannot believe how much wet weather we have been having lately.  It does not feel much like summer at the moment.

We are supposed to be going to the "White Christmas" at Movie World tonight with thanks to the Make-a-wish foundation bit if this rain keeps up then we definitely won't be going.
We have such  a busy weekend, Movie World tonight, our Staff Christmas party tomorrow night, take time out for Tabatha Sunday and then Muse Sunday night.  I am so tired just thinking about it all. 

Emma is doing really well.  She had her post op follow up on Wednesday and the surgeon is really impressed with how it is all looking.  They said that she will not need any more surgery now for about 6 months. YAH.  We have two more appointments up at the hospital and then that is it for the rest of the year. 

This year for Christmas we are heading down to Tea Gardens to spend Christmas Day with the family.

Anyway I have to go and get some stuff organised so I will post more when I have something interesting to share, until then take care and stay safe.

Leanne xxx

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Surgery Update

Emma's 3rd surgery went really well.  The Maxilliofacial Surgeons worked on her this time repairing her jaw and mouth.  The jaw had not seemed to heal since they cut it in half in September.  They believe that the jaw exercises that speech pathology had her doing was the reason.  No more jaw exercises much to Emmas happiness. They put a larger plate in the jaw and covered as much of it up with whatever skin they could find around the area.  They did not have a lot to work with as a lot of it had died from last time.  Lets hope that third time is lucky for the little munchkin and that they have got it right.

She is still going to need more surgery down the track but not for at least 6 months.  YAH Praise God.

Stuart and the children took off this morning and wouldn't tell me where they were going or what they were doing.  They arrived home about an hour later with an above ground vegie garden for me.  It is nicely set up out in the back yard.  Yah me I have been wanting to grow some of our own vegies for ages but just didn't have anywhere to do it.  Now I do.

Anyway not a lot else to tell.  Am busy sewing teachers presents at the moment so when I have completed them I will show you.

Take care and stay safe

Oh and a HUGE big thank you to all those that voted for me in the Aussie Scrap Source competition.  Unfortunately I did not win :-(

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Sad face

Well  it doesn't look like I will be winning anything over at Aussie Scrap Source, major bummer as I really wanted to win the Becky Flecks sketches 2 book.  Haven't budgeted for it so unless by some miracle heaps of people vote the I guess I won't be getting it. (insert sad face here)

Emma is going back into surgery tomorrow as her jaw has not healed which means that there is an infection there.  They are going to open her up and replace the two plates to larger ones and then scrap down the bone to remove any bugs.  Ewww, sounds gross but at least this is only relatively small compared to her last surgery.  As soon as all of this is healed then the dental surgery team can work their magic on her new teeth.

Emma had her presentation night at Hillcrest Christian College and I am so proud to say that even though she has missed loads of school because of her cancer, she still managed to take out an academic achievement award for year 5.  How proud are her mummy and daddy...............  I would love to have had photos to show but the ones that I took were terrible..  Haven't got the hang of taking night time shots yet.

Have managed to get a few layouts done and you can see them below.

I loved doing this one of Jacob as I don't normally use bling or stitching on his pages but I am happy with the outcome

 Love this one with showing the changes in Emma over the past 5 years.  She has certainly grown up into such a strong young lady.

Anyway, have nothing more to share.  Have to go and pack a few things for hospital and will get back to you all on the weekend with updates on how she is.  If you are a friend on facebook then check in over there as I will post regular updates.

Hope this post finds you and your families all happy and healthy.  Take care and stay safe

PS won a prize over at Vintage Chic Cafe the other day.  Will be stalking the post man soon.  Also won a voucher to spend at Paper Poppy Kit Co which I spent pretty quickly.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Made the FINALS

YAH,  just found out that my layout made the finals in the Aussie Scrap Source scrapping challenge. 

I would be so appreciative if you could vote for me.

Just click HERE and then you click on my layout and click on the VOTE button below.

Thank you, thank you, thank you

Leanne xxx

Thursday, November 18, 2010

MRI Results

We saw both of Emma's surgeons today to find out the results of her latest MRI......  The report came back saying and I quote "no visible evidence of residual tumour"  Is that not the BEST news EVER!!!!!!!!!!!
Stuart and I couldn't wipe the smile off our faces.  This does not mean however that the tumour is still not there.  If it is smaller than .5 of a cm then there is a chance that the MRI did not pick it up.  The next MRI will be the tell all.  If there was any left then in three months time it should have grown more and therefore be big enough to pick up.  At this stage though we are just over the moon with the current results.

She still has a long way to go as there are still worrying concerns with her jaw and teeth.  On Monday when we go up and see her oncologist we will also be seeing a Maxillofacial Surgeon to see what can be done.  She will need more surgery but we will cross that bridge when we come to it.

We were all going to go out tonight for a celebratory dinner but forgot that Jacob has his presentation evening at school so we are instead heading out there.  We will celebrate tomorrow night.

Anyway just wanted to pop in and let you all know the big results we got today.

Hope you are all happy and healthy

Leanne :-)

Monday, November 15, 2010

Scrapping and Hospital

Emma and I are heading up to Brisbane again today.  She has her MRI and hearing tests today and then the speech pathologist and psychologist tomorrow.  I decided that we would stay there the night instead of traveling both days.  Emma is very excited about that as it means a night out with mummy.  We are going to go into the city after her appointments and have some dinner and then go to the movies.  Should be fun.

Had the cybercrop over at mad about scrappin Saturday night.  Loads of fun and I even won the bingo.......  That was a bit of a thrill lol.  There are loads of great challenges over there and they don't have to be in until the end of the week so go over have a look and then have a go. 

This was my challenge, use three different pieces of spotted papers, and here is my example

This layout was created for the first challenge where you had to use spotty embellishments.  I used the title letters etc.

 and then finally here is a photo of Emma and her friend Michelle enjoying a nice dip in the pool.  It was certainly the weather for swimming yesterday, so hot.

That is it for me.  I have to go pick Emma up from her nans place as she stayed there for the night. 
Hope you have all had a fantastic weekend and I will be back soon with more to share.

Leanne xxx

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Going dotty

Cybercrop happening over at Mad about Scrappin this weekend.  Theme is going dotty which is right up my alley at the moment what with everything that has been happening in my life lately.

Below is a little snippet of my challenge example

My beautiful friend Tabatha asked me to take some photos of her family for a fundraiser that is being held for her. You see, my friend has breast cancer. So unexpected and came as quite a surprise. Both Tab and Emma were diagnosed at the same time. Anyway here are some of the shots. Such a beautiful family

This is Gus the family dog, he is a total legend.....

 Well that is it from me tonight

Will catch you later

Leanne xxx

Monday, November 8, 2010

Photography lessons

Finally decided to get some help with my camera so have just had two lessons through a local camera store here on the Coast.  Luckily enough a couple of girlfriends were also doing the same course so that made it a little more enjoyable.  It was great to finally know what all the bells and whistles meant on the camera but now I have to learn how to use them correctly.  Am really looking forward to getting some amazing shots of my children and the things we do. 
Here are a couple of the shots that I took yesterday during our practical. Some were taken by Jodie or Donna.

The Love Family (Taken by Jodie)

My Landscape shot

My water shot

My flower shot

second flower shot

Surfers Paradise in the late afternoon

Surfers Paradise at night


Emma and Mummy ( taken by Donna)


Well there you have it, a few of the photos taken yesterday.  I LOVE the ones of Surfers.  Now I just need to keep practising and buy myself a new camera and I will be fine.

I can just imagine the amazing layouts that I am going to be able to do with all the photos I am going to be taking.

Will have more news on Emma next Thursday as she is having her CT scan and MRI on Monday the 15th.  Fingers crossed that the cancer is all gone.........
Thanks heaps for popping in.
Leanne xxx

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Ok here is my next entry in the Aussie Scrap Source pagemaps challenge. If you could vote for me then I would really appreciate it and if not then just make sure you at least go and have a look at the awesome layouts and cards. (You vote by going HERE and clicking on the layout on the left hand side and then  pressing the vote button)

I really enjoyed putting this layout together and making the frame, flowers etc.  I think I am finally starting to get my mojo back.

Started part 1 of my photography lesson last night and learnt loads of little tricks to help me take better photos.  On Sunday from 12 noon until 6pm we will be out and about for part 2 of the lesson.  It is going to be fun taking photos for 6 hours.  Hopefully after 6 hours I should be able to take a decent photo and know heaps more about my camera.

Anyway have the in laws coming around for dinner tonight so had probably best get something cooked.....  Until next time take care and stay safe

Leanne xx

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Have been having a little play around with my camera before I take my first photography lesson on Wednesday night.  We have theory and then on Sunday we have from noon until 6 to do practical.  Am so looking forward to it.
Have had a busy week this week.  Went to a girls night in on Friday night to raise much needed funds to aid in the fight against breast cancer.  I had such a wonderful fun time and cannot wait now until next year.  The night ended up raising a mammoth $2372.00

Stuart and Jacob decided that they were going camping and 4w driving on Saturday so headed off for the night which just left Emma and I.  Emma had a Halloween party to go to on Saturday which ended up being a sleep over.  I was a bit worried how she would go as this is the first time she has been away from me since being diagnosed with cancer.  I spoke to her a couple of times during the night and she was fine.  I think I was worse as I just couldn't sleep knowing that I was the only person in the house.  I did however get to watch two movies that I had been dying to see.  "The blind side" and "letters to Juliet" both very wonderful movies. 

Tonight Emma went trick or treating with Hannah and Samantha (two of her friends from our street)  I don't really agree with it myself, but I guess it is just a little harmless fun and it got Emma out and about enjoying herself.  I could not believe how many lollies she got.  I had to end up carrying half of them.  There were so many children dressed up and running around our area.  Was so nice to see so many mums and dads out and about with their little ones.

 As you can see from the photos, Emma dressed up as a witch.  The outfit she wore was actually her big sisters.

Anyway I have loads of scrapping to get completed. 
Hope this finds you all happy and healthy
Leanne xxxx

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Vote for EMMA

Ok well Emma decided to make some adorable little marshmallow mice and she has entered them on the Junior Masterchef website for a chance to win prizes.  I am asking if you read this then could you please vote for her.  It would be so nice to see her win a weekly pack with an apron etc.  You vote by clicking on the stars under the photo. Click on the link below and I believe that emma is photo number 42.

If you vote then thank you thank you thank you

Leanne :-)

Monday, October 18, 2010

I have scrapped :-0

Wow I can hardly believe it, I have scrapped.  It certainly felt great to get into my stash and have a little play.

The first two layouts are for the Scrap of Difference cybercrop challenges. 

The first one was to use water somehow on your layout.  I decided to water down my orange paint and just let is go all over the background.  I must say that I kind of like how it turned out.

The 2nd layout was for the sketch challenge, luckily it was an awesome sketch so I thoroughly enjoyed this one.

Layout number 3 was also from a sketch from the new and exciting challenge site - Get Picky.  If you like to scrap with multiple photos then go take a look.  There are also awesome prizes up for grabs.

Ok so yes mine is slightly different as I have done an 8.5 x 11 inch layout.  I am not sure if it is allowed though so I may be out of the running already lol.

Love the flowers from little yellow bicycle, they are super cute.

Bought myself a Sunbeam Cupcake maker today after visiting a friend and seeing hers.  WOW what a brilliant kitchen appliance.  I can see that I am going to be hooked on making cupcakes for a while.  I have already made 2 dozen.  1 dozen gluten free for Jacob and 1 dozen vanilla for Emma.

Isn't she beautiful ( her name is Clarise) LOL

Well I must go, have to get dinner ready, organise school clothes for in the morning and clean up.  Stuart is in Sydney tonight for business so it will be pretty cruisy at the love shack. 

Hope this finds you all happy and healthy

Leanne xxx