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Sunday, December 13, 2009

how quick

has this past week gone.....

The children finished school on Friday which was a little sad as Jacob is now heading off to high school in 2010 and Emma is going to a new school so had to leave all of her beautiful friends. There were loads of tears I can tell you, I must admit that even I had a little tear in my eye. It was even worse when we went to see the principal and deputy principal. They have been so amazing with my children and I will be forever grateful for what they have done for them both

Friday afternoon was spent at the accident and emergency department with Jacob. Silly goose was cutting fabric with his pocket knife and ended up slicing up his finger really well. The amount of blood was icky and then poor little mummy panicked. Thank goodness Emma was there as she knew exactly what to do. Jacob was such a mess - poor little darling. We got straight in which was great but then we had to wait two hours for a doctor, thankfully he wasn't bleeding much at that stage. Ideally he should have had 4 to 5 stitches but as soon as the work needle was mentioned Jacob totally freaked out. We ended up getting butterfly stitches (which I don't think will really do the job). I guess only time will tell. We re dressed the wound this morning and it was no where near closed. I think that he is going to have a big scar.

Our fur baby got a lovely present today. Stuart boned out a leg of pork and Jed was the lucky recipient of the bone. You should have seen the look on his face when he got it - if dogs could smile then he was certainly smiling.......

I decided to get in the kitchen and make some little biscuits today. I had seen these on other peoples blogs and thought they were adorable so just had to make some. They have been a huge hit.

The kids have been in the pool so much these past few days. A bit unfair for Jacob as he has to have a bag over his hand and make sure it doesn't get wet, lol he was getting so frustrated today as you could see that all he wanted to do was dive under. Oh well only a week of keeping it dry and then he should be fine.

I hope this finds you all happy and healthy out there in blog land. Until next time stay safe and be happy.

Leanne xxx


Sheree said...

Wow it's been pretty full-on at your place! Hope Jacob's wound heals itself quickly. How frustrating for him not to be able to swim!

Love your chocolate pudding biscuits...YUM!

Sheree xx

Christine said...

Gogeous pics Leanne. I hope Jacob's hand gets better quickly, it must be hard with a nice pool like that!

Moira said...

Poor Jacob! Hope he recovers well!