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Monday, November 23, 2009

Busy busy Busy

Haven't been around much as I have been super busy. Have been creating loads of layouts for Kaiser craft but unfortunately I cannot share any with you at the moment.

Finished up at work on Friday, not a lot to tell wasn't working out for either of us so I left. It isn't a bad time to be finishing though with the Christmas holidays fast approaching. Have heaps to do around the house between now and then. We had new awnings put on the house last week which look great and then we are getting the air conditioner being put in the office on Thursday (thank goodness). It is like a sweat box in here of an afternoon.

Am putting the finishing touches on Ems birthday party organising this week. Her birthday is not until January 4 but we have let her have a party this weekend as this is her last year at her current school. So it is more of a going away/birthday party. Her invitation list had 34 names on it. We invited them all but thankfully so far only 18 have RSVP'd. I don't know why I do this to myself. We are having a pool party here at the house so hopefully they will occupy themselves in the pool for the whole 4 hours (yeah not likely)

Anyway still so much to do. Have been trying to get my December daily album done but alas I am not having much luck (time management issue)

Hope this finds you all happy and healthy


Sheree said...

Hiya! Sorry to hear about your job...but least you can have all of Christmas off! LOL I'm sure something bigger and better will pop up!

Hope Em's birthday is a great, fun day! I'm sure all the girls will enjoy it. Wish her a happy day from me!

I'm attempting Dec daily as well..although haven't started yet. I've got the same time managements issues! LOL

Chat soon!
Sheree xx

Melanie B said...

Ha crazy time of year!!!! Sorry about your job but always an upside hey??!! Glad to hear you are going well!

Hope Em has a great party you are one crazy woman!!
Enjoy your air con!!

Looking forward to seeing your scrapping!! Dec daily yes I am trying too!! Lol

take care
me xxx

Cherie said...

Sorry about the job Leanne..just think of all the time yo will have for scrappin now!!!

Hope Em and her friends have a great party, Im sure they will.

Thanks for the reminder about the Dec daily album....I have a week to get a bit organised.

Take care and chat soon
Cherie xx

Leanne said...

Whoa! I'm out of breath just reading this!! hee hee... I hope you are keeping sane in this silly season!!

Good luck with the party and sorry to hear about your job.

Can't wait to see your scrappy goodness though!