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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Day three

Look out Petronas Towers here we come..... Stuart and Emma got up bright and early this morning to go line up for tickets for us to go up in the towers. They were gone for 1 and a half hours. Apparently there were hundreds of people lined up. I must say that it was very well worth it. A lift takes you up to the 41st floor where you get to walk across what they call the sky bridge. A glass encased bridge that goes from one tower to the other. The view is magnificent and when I edit the photos you too will see how magnificent it is. You are only allowed to stay up there for 10 minutes but that was plenty of time to look around and get some happy snaps.

Once we left the tower we jumped into a taxi and went to a shopping centre that is purely for electronic/computer items only. 5 floors of electronics, Stuart and Jacob were in 7th heaven. They also had a whole store just with olympus cameras, lenses flashes and everything else you could think of. Mmmm didn't buy anything though as the prices are not really any different that Australia.

Once we finished there we jumped into another taxi and headed off to the Central Markets. Not as good as I thought they were going to be and once again I bought nothing :-( Jacob and I had a very strange experience there though. We had our feet cleaned by fish - yep you read it right fish. You put your feet into a big tank and all these minature little fish attach themselves to your feet and suck all the dead skin off. Absolutely hilarious and so tickly for the first little bit. I must say that my feet have never felt smoother. We had all had enough of walking around by this stage so we came back to the hotel for a swim and a chill out before we headed off to dinner.

Our dinner tonight was at the KL Tower which is the largest communications tower in the world. On top of this tower is a revolving restaurant. Felt really wierd eating and moving around at the same time. We spent more money there for our dinner than we had the whole time we have been here. Almost 600 ringitt for a buffet dinner. Wasn't the nicest food we have eaten either but it is an experience that we will have with us forever.

Well that just about covers day three for the Love Family in Kuala Lumpur
Have loads of photos to share but once again they need to be edited and I will share them once that is done.

Love Leanne xxx

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