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Saturday, September 12, 2009

Day Six

Wow I cannot believe that our holiday has almost come to an end. The days have gone by so quickly, I am definately not looking forward to the flight back as I couldn't sleep on the way over and our return flight is also a night one. The children are looking forward to it though as we are flying on a 747.

Today we got up bright and early had breakfast and then got a taxi to Batu Caves. Wowsers they were huge but really stank and there was rubbish and yuck everywhere which was such a pity. We had to climb up 272 very steep stairs which was hard on these old legs lol. We encountered heaps of monkeys and although they may have looked cute they were quite vicious. One of them attacked Jacob and scratched his leg.

Got the taxi to bring us back via the Pavillion shopping centre which is definately for the rich, such a classy place and with every famous designer you could possibly think of. Didn't stay in that place for too long. Came back to the hotel as it started to rain and we all went for a swim. As soon as i finished the swim I went down to the spa and had my foot reflexology, shoulder and back massage. Mmmm it was so relaxing and i really didn't want to leave.

While I was having my massage Stuart and the kids went to the shops and bought some more nibblies. Emma and I sat down and watched Juno while munching on a packet of BBQ chips (at least I think they are, cannot actually understand the writing). Once we finished the movie we all headed over the road and picked up some Domino's pizza. We are all now sitting here in the lounge watching some silly movie on the Disney Channel. I think it is called Rocket man.

Not a lot planned tomorrow at this stage. I think we are going to find the shopping centre that has a large indoor amusement park. It is not far from us apparently. Will fill you in on all the details tomorrow.

Take care and stay safe

Leanne :-)


Sheree said...

Wow looks like an amazing place Leanne! Hope Jacob's leg is ok.. naughty monkey!

Sheree xx

Melanie B said...

SOunds like you are having a ball.
Should have warned you about the monkeys, supposedly they are vicious everywhere you go!!!

Mel xx