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Sunday, September 13, 2009

Day Seven

Our last night in Kuala Lumpur :-( I will be happy to get home but also sad that our vacation has almost come to an end. We have had such a full on time over here going non stop every day. Maybe next holiday we will go to Fiji where we can just be lazy and lounge around a pool all day.

Went to the Kraft Complex this morning but it was really disappointing and we ended up leaving after about 5 minutes and walked into town to find the Times Square shopping centre. We found it and it was gigantic....... Level after level of shopping and in the middle of it all was an amusement park with a big roller coaster. We never ended up going in as Jacob didn't want to go on it as he was a bit scared, this of course upset Emma as she loves the roller coasters
Decided to stop and have some KFC and then caught a cab back to the China Town markets. I love haggling over prices and get such a buzz when I buy something, so far I have purchased two Jimmy Choo bags, 1 prada bag and one D&G bag oh yeah and the Coach one I bought on day one. Stuart got a couple of nice wallets and we also managed to pick up a few other things for our niece and nephew. All non genuine but leather and reasonable quality. Gotta be happy with that.
We are having room service tonight as no one really wants to do anymore walking. I wish I had a pedometer thingie as I am sure it would have clicked 10 times over by now. We have done so much walking that I have managed to fit in one years exercise in one week hehehehe........
We are unsure what we are going to be doing tomorrow as our flight does not leave until 10 pm and check out time here at the hotel is 12 noon. Will probably just have to leave the luggage here and just go into town for a few hours. We have to be at the airport two hours before departure so that means we have to leave here at about 6.30.
I cannot wait to get home and start putting together my Blurb book that I am going to create of our holiday. I have taken so many photos but haven't shared many of them yet as I want to edit them and all that stuff. I will show you all the book once I have finished it.
Ok well Stuart should be back from his massage soon and then we are off to buy some more nibblies as the two little piggies that came with us have eaten them all... Looking forward to seeing you all soon

Love Leanne xx

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