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Monday, September 7, 2009

Day One

This is going to be an incredibly long post as I want to make sure that I get everything down before I forget it (mainly for my purpose) so if you manage to get through these posts then you are a legend!!!
Ok here we go.............

We boarded the plane at 10.30pm last night which was actually much earlier than scheduled which it totally unheard of. The flight was fabulous and I would recommend Malaysian Airlines to anyone. We were continually fed and given juice and water. Emma was alseep within an hour of taking off and slept pretty much the whole flight. Jacob and Stuart were sitting behind us and they too seemed to sleep. I ended up watching three movies lol. As much as I tried I couldn't seem to get to sleep. I dozed but that was pretty much it. We arrived at Kuala Lumpar airport an hour ahead of our expected time. We couldn't wait to get off and stretch our legs.
Got our stamp in the passport, picked up the luggage and were out of there. We decided to catch the train into the city as it was way quicker than a taxi and didn't cost much anyway. Once we got into the city we grabbed a taxi to our hotel. Now onto our hotel - it is awesome, we are in the middle of all the hustle and bustle and it is fantastic. Luckily for us we were able to check in when we arrived first off this morning. We were supposed to be getting a family room which had two bedrooms and one bathroom but instead we got two interconnecting rooms. Much better as the children have their own tv, bathroom and lounge and Stuart and I have got a divine room with kitchen, dining room, lounge and a beautiful king size bed (which I will totally enjoy tonight)(sleeping guys, nothing else - too tired)
We got ourselves settled in and then decided to head off into town for a look. Can I just say that my driving is dam fine compared to the way they drive over here. They are total lunatics and I am surprised that we didn't see any crashes today. The funny thing over here is the amount of motorbikes you see. They are everywhere you look.
We were walking into the city and saw a very funny sight, a gigantic hole in the middle of the road and the safety cone was upside down in the hole instead of being beside the hole.
Went to one shopping centre today and it was huge, there were the ritzy stores everywhere like Tiffany & Co, Hermes, Yves Saint Lauren etc etc and they all had security guards the entrances. Emma and I went into once store and the sales lady followed us no matter where we walked, it felt like we were being stalked.
I must say though that the Malaysian people are very friendly and very helpful
Once we finished walking around the shops we decided to come back to the hotel for a little kip (was certainly needed) I ended up sleeping for two hours. We then got up and went back into the city centre to find a grocery store to buy some supplies. Things taste different here especially the milk. Anyway once we bought all that home we went up to the roof top pool where Stuart and the kids had a quick dip and then we came back and organised ourselves to go to the night markets in China Town. All I can say is WOW. I have never seen so many fake handbags, wallets, watches etc in my life. Every 5 seconds someone comes up to you trying to sell you "genuine" movies he he. Speaking of genuine, Jacob managed to pick himself up a Rolex hehehe and I even managed to grab myself a "Coach"" handbag and all this for the incredibly low price of 100 ringitt (equivalent of about 32 AUD) Yep they are really real ROFLOL I was happy to stay there for ages but Jacob started to freak out as there people everywhere and the smell was disgusting. Stuart even said that he couldn't handle the people. I think we will go the the Central Markets tomorrow instead and see how many more "genuine: bargains I can grab hold of.......
With the markets being us we decided that maybe it was time to come home. We grabbed the nearest cab, prayed that we would survive the drive and came back to the hotel where it was quickly decided that we were all too tired to go out for dinner and instead ordered room service. It cost us about 30 AUD to get room service and there was so much food we have left overs.
Well my day is nearly done as it is 9.30 and I am starting to get a little tired. Technically it is 11.30 for us but we have to get used to Malay time while we are here.

Ok I am going to sign off here and will continue this again tomorrow night. I do have photos to share and you can find them on my facebook. I will post them all to my blog once I get back home and edit them.
Hope this finds you all happy and healthy

Love to you all



sPaRkLiNg sCrApBoOkS said...

You are so cute, posting from Malaysia!! Thanks for all the information! I know I'll never get there, so it's really neat to learn about a foreign country. Laughing at the driving over there, omg!!!!! I thought Texas was bad! lol You have a safe and wonderful time!!!! xoxoxo

Sheree said...

Wow what a full-on day! Sounds like you're seeing and experiencing some fantastic things. I look forward to seeing your pics!

Sheree xx