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Saturday, September 26, 2009

UGH ! ! !

Two innocent looking children (yeah right)

plus one milkshake maker

plus two bottles of food colouring


two disgusting looking milkshakes and some very strange looking milkshake moustaches

Aren't they going to get a surprise tomorrow when they go to the toilet hahahahahahahaha
You have just gotta love kids and their crazy concoctions
Leanne :-) xxx

Friday, September 25, 2009

I know I said...........

that "I would be back tomorrow to update my blog" but I kinda go busy and just never got back. I have been trying to finish the book of our holidays and Stuart and I will finish going over it tonight. He didn't really like the way I had written it so he wants us to both sit down and go over it together. Fine by me.

I scrapped - yep don't fall off your chair but after months of not doing anything I finally sat down and scrapped two pages. I must say that they are both for challenges found at My girlfriend Sheree is on the Design Team so I thought I had better go over and check it out. I must say that it is great for shopping. I ordered products on Thursday morning and they were at my front door today (friday) and the prices are very reasonable too so go on over and take a peek.

I am planning to do some more scrapping tonight if I am up to it. Have come down with a nasty head cold or sinus or something like that. My head feels like it will explode and I reckon it is from all the dust on Wednesday. I tried to get some photos but it really didn't look all that bad from our backyard. I am so glad that I never left the windows open when I went out otherwise I would have had a terrible mess to clean up. As it was I had to re wash my clothes as they had turned an icky shade of orange. Oh well it could have been much worse.

Anyway I am outta here as I am trying to print off photos to scrap.

Take care and stay safe

Leanne xxx

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

We are home, we are very tired and I will update the blog tomorrow

xx Leanne

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Day Seven

Our last night in Kuala Lumpur :-( I will be happy to get home but also sad that our vacation has almost come to an end. We have had such a full on time over here going non stop every day. Maybe next holiday we will go to Fiji where we can just be lazy and lounge around a pool all day.

Went to the Kraft Complex this morning but it was really disappointing and we ended up leaving after about 5 minutes and walked into town to find the Times Square shopping centre. We found it and it was gigantic....... Level after level of shopping and in the middle of it all was an amusement park with a big roller coaster. We never ended up going in as Jacob didn't want to go on it as he was a bit scared, this of course upset Emma as she loves the roller coasters
Decided to stop and have some KFC and then caught a cab back to the China Town markets. I love haggling over prices and get such a buzz when I buy something, so far I have purchased two Jimmy Choo bags, 1 prada bag and one D&G bag oh yeah and the Coach one I bought on day one. Stuart got a couple of nice wallets and we also managed to pick up a few other things for our niece and nephew. All non genuine but leather and reasonable quality. Gotta be happy with that.
We are having room service tonight as no one really wants to do anymore walking. I wish I had a pedometer thingie as I am sure it would have clicked 10 times over by now. We have done so much walking that I have managed to fit in one years exercise in one week hehehehe........
We are unsure what we are going to be doing tomorrow as our flight does not leave until 10 pm and check out time here at the hotel is 12 noon. Will probably just have to leave the luggage here and just go into town for a few hours. We have to be at the airport two hours before departure so that means we have to leave here at about 6.30.
I cannot wait to get home and start putting together my Blurb book that I am going to create of our holiday. I have taken so many photos but haven't shared many of them yet as I want to edit them and all that stuff. I will show you all the book once I have finished it.
Ok well Stuart should be back from his massage soon and then we are off to buy some more nibblies as the two little piggies that came with us have eaten them all... Looking forward to seeing you all soon

Love Leanne xx

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Day Six

Wow I cannot believe that our holiday has almost come to an end. The days have gone by so quickly, I am definately not looking forward to the flight back as I couldn't sleep on the way over and our return flight is also a night one. The children are looking forward to it though as we are flying on a 747.

Today we got up bright and early had breakfast and then got a taxi to Batu Caves. Wowsers they were huge but really stank and there was rubbish and yuck everywhere which was such a pity. We had to climb up 272 very steep stairs which was hard on these old legs lol. We encountered heaps of monkeys and although they may have looked cute they were quite vicious. One of them attacked Jacob and scratched his leg.

Got the taxi to bring us back via the Pavillion shopping centre which is definately for the rich, such a classy place and with every famous designer you could possibly think of. Didn't stay in that place for too long. Came back to the hotel as it started to rain and we all went for a swim. As soon as i finished the swim I went down to the spa and had my foot reflexology, shoulder and back massage. Mmmm it was so relaxing and i really didn't want to leave.

While I was having my massage Stuart and the kids went to the shops and bought some more nibblies. Emma and I sat down and watched Juno while munching on a packet of BBQ chips (at least I think they are, cannot actually understand the writing). Once we finished the movie we all headed over the road and picked up some Domino's pizza. We are all now sitting here in the lounge watching some silly movie on the Disney Channel. I think it is called Rocket man.

Not a lot planned tomorrow at this stage. I think we are going to find the shopping centre that has a large indoor amusement park. It is not far from us apparently. Will fill you in on all the details tomorrow.

Take care and stay safe

Leanne :-)

Day Five

Day five started like every other, buffet breakfast and then up to the room to discuss what we are going to do for the day. We had planned to bludge around the hotel all day but the decided to walk into town and go visit the aquarium at the convention centre. I remembered to pack the camera in the bag but when I went to take a picture I realised that I had forgotten to put the battery in. Pity too as there were some great photo ops. Oh well. The aquarium was huge and they had some very unusual fish. I could have sat there for hours just watching them. Once we finished there we decided to head back to the hotel to refresh and then went back to China Town markets. I managed to get myself an awesome Jimmy Choo bag, Prada bag and a pair of Prada sunnies, all original too so they told me (hehehehehehe).

We had agreed to stay in tonight and have pizza but then ended up at the hotel restaurant where we had a beautiful Thai dinner. Back to the room for some well needed sleep. As you can see we didn't get up to much today but tomorrow we are going to go to Batu caves. They are supposed to be huge.

Good night
Leanne xx

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Day four

Today we went to the Sunway Lagoon which is 5 different amusement parks in the one. Was a very busy full on day but a fun one. We started off in the Wild West park and had heaps of rides. Jaocb was terrified of the roller coaster but as soon as we got off it he decided that maybe he did like it after all. Two of the rides that we really wanted to go on were both closed which was a real bummer so we then decided to go to the water park instead. That was so much fun and the water slides were awesome. We all applied sunscreen but apparently not enough as Stuart and I are both a little burnt, I think Stuart actually has a bit of sunstroke tonight as he had a really bad headache and does not feel very well.

We had planned to have pizza in the room for dinner but we all ended up going out yet again but this time we had an amazing meal at the San Francisco Steak House. I cannot tell you how good it was to eat a nice steak after all the ethnic food we have eaten these past few days. We stopped on the way back at the Petronas towers to get some night time shots. What an amazing building it looks fabulous of a night. I haven't had a chance to edit the photos yet but I really wanted to put them in this post.

So that pretty much sums up todays happenings. We are planning a nice quiet one tomorrow. Stuart and I are going to take turns going to the spa and having a massage each and then we are going to go back to China Town markets to buy shoes, clothes and a few handbags.

Hope this finds you all well.

Leanne :-)

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Day three

Look out Petronas Towers here we come..... Stuart and Emma got up bright and early this morning to go line up for tickets for us to go up in the towers. They were gone for 1 and a half hours. Apparently there were hundreds of people lined up. I must say that it was very well worth it. A lift takes you up to the 41st floor where you get to walk across what they call the sky bridge. A glass encased bridge that goes from one tower to the other. The view is magnificent and when I edit the photos you too will see how magnificent it is. You are only allowed to stay up there for 10 minutes but that was plenty of time to look around and get some happy snaps.

Once we left the tower we jumped into a taxi and went to a shopping centre that is purely for electronic/computer items only. 5 floors of electronics, Stuart and Jacob were in 7th heaven. They also had a whole store just with olympus cameras, lenses flashes and everything else you could think of. Mmmm didn't buy anything though as the prices are not really any different that Australia.

Once we finished there we jumped into another taxi and headed off to the Central Markets. Not as good as I thought they were going to be and once again I bought nothing :-( Jacob and I had a very strange experience there though. We had our feet cleaned by fish - yep you read it right fish. You put your feet into a big tank and all these minature little fish attach themselves to your feet and suck all the dead skin off. Absolutely hilarious and so tickly for the first little bit. I must say that my feet have never felt smoother. We had all had enough of walking around by this stage so we came back to the hotel for a swim and a chill out before we headed off to dinner.

Our dinner tonight was at the KL Tower which is the largest communications tower in the world. On top of this tower is a revolving restaurant. Felt really wierd eating and moving around at the same time. We spent more money there for our dinner than we had the whole time we have been here. Almost 600 ringitt for a buffet dinner. Wasn't the nicest food we have eaten either but it is an experience that we will have with us forever.

Well that just about covers day three for the Love Family in Kuala Lumpur
Have loads of photos to share but once again they need to be edited and I will share them once that is done.

Love Leanne xxx

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Day two in Kuala Lumpur

Day two started with a fantastic buffet breakfast at the hotel and then with full bellies we headed off to catch the on off bus. You pay your fare and then you can get on and off this buss anytime during a 24 hour period. The bus goes around the city and outskirts and takes you to all the touristy places. Our first stop was the National Palace it was very beautiful and it would have been even better if you could go in and see it but unfortunately you can only see it through the gates. There were guards on horses and then another one each side carrying HUGE rifles. It would have been awesome to have gone we but us commoners just don't get a chance lol

Back on the bus and heading off to our next stop which was the National Museum. Not a great deal to see really but I did manage to see ancient skulls from 500,000 years ago. Got some photos which I will are all up above this post. From the museum we then went to the stop number 13 which was the National Monument and the butterfly park. Butterfly park was smelly and mosquito ridden. Glad we took mozzie repellent. There were some amazing butterflies as you can see from the photos. The bird park was next which we ended up walking to. My feet are a bit tired tonight but it is well worth it. The bird park was incredible and we had the best time. Jacob, Emma and I had photos taken with some beautiful birds. Jacob had a stunning blue/green macaw and I had the red one. Emma had an adorable little owl on her. It was amazing to walk around the park with all the birds just flying freely around you. It was now 1pm so we decided to stop at the restaurant at the bird park and have a quick bite to eat. Wedges and sauce, yeah we are really getting into the culture here lol. Took forever to get the bus back but finally it arrived. We were planning to go to Central Markets but by the time we got on the bus all we wanted to do was go back to the hotel and have a swim. Mind you it took another hour to get back due to the traffic being so heavy. Our swim plans were smashed when we got up there and were told that the pool had been closed due to the storm and lightning oh well back to the room for some serious relaxing.
Dinner was nice and easy in a little restaurant just over the road. It is funny here as the shops are all open from 10am until 10pm. Not a bad thing as it is much cooler to shop in the evening. Stopped at dunkin donuts and then came back here had showers and that brings you up to date. Tomorrow we are planning to just veg around, go to the Central Markets and just shop.
Hope you are all having a wonderful Tuesday. Take care and stay safe.
Leanne xxx

Ok change of plans, it is too slow putting the photos on and I am ready for bed so I will add them tomorrow.

phots from day one

Petronis Towers
emma about to get wet in the roof top pool

This is what we can see from out room, KL Tower

our room
our bathroom and to the left of it is a huge dressing room
our yummy comfy bed
kids bathroom they love the bidet

Kids room

Petronis towers
crazy crazy motorcyclists
safety cone doing a great job - NOT

waiting for the lift
stuart and i on train coming from airport

Emma and Jacob waiting for plane.
thats it for now.
We are heading out for dinner now so will fill you all in on todays happenings later tonight.
leanne xxx

Monday, September 7, 2009

Day One

This is going to be an incredibly long post as I want to make sure that I get everything down before I forget it (mainly for my purpose) so if you manage to get through these posts then you are a legend!!!
Ok here we go.............

We boarded the plane at 10.30pm last night which was actually much earlier than scheduled which it totally unheard of. The flight was fabulous and I would recommend Malaysian Airlines to anyone. We were continually fed and given juice and water. Emma was alseep within an hour of taking off and slept pretty much the whole flight. Jacob and Stuart were sitting behind us and they too seemed to sleep. I ended up watching three movies lol. As much as I tried I couldn't seem to get to sleep. I dozed but that was pretty much it. We arrived at Kuala Lumpar airport an hour ahead of our expected time. We couldn't wait to get off and stretch our legs.
Got our stamp in the passport, picked up the luggage and were out of there. We decided to catch the train into the city as it was way quicker than a taxi and didn't cost much anyway. Once we got into the city we grabbed a taxi to our hotel. Now onto our hotel - it is awesome, we are in the middle of all the hustle and bustle and it is fantastic. Luckily for us we were able to check in when we arrived first off this morning. We were supposed to be getting a family room which had two bedrooms and one bathroom but instead we got two interconnecting rooms. Much better as the children have their own tv, bathroom and lounge and Stuart and I have got a divine room with kitchen, dining room, lounge and a beautiful king size bed (which I will totally enjoy tonight)(sleeping guys, nothing else - too tired)
We got ourselves settled in and then decided to head off into town for a look. Can I just say that my driving is dam fine compared to the way they drive over here. They are total lunatics and I am surprised that we didn't see any crashes today. The funny thing over here is the amount of motorbikes you see. They are everywhere you look.
We were walking into the city and saw a very funny sight, a gigantic hole in the middle of the road and the safety cone was upside down in the hole instead of being beside the hole.
Went to one shopping centre today and it was huge, there were the ritzy stores everywhere like Tiffany & Co, Hermes, Yves Saint Lauren etc etc and they all had security guards the entrances. Emma and I went into once store and the sales lady followed us no matter where we walked, it felt like we were being stalked.
I must say though that the Malaysian people are very friendly and very helpful
Once we finished walking around the shops we decided to come back to the hotel for a little kip (was certainly needed) I ended up sleeping for two hours. We then got up and went back into the city centre to find a grocery store to buy some supplies. Things taste different here especially the milk. Anyway once we bought all that home we went up to the roof top pool where Stuart and the kids had a quick dip and then we came back and organised ourselves to go to the night markets in China Town. All I can say is WOW. I have never seen so many fake handbags, wallets, watches etc in my life. Every 5 seconds someone comes up to you trying to sell you "genuine" movies he he. Speaking of genuine, Jacob managed to pick himself up a Rolex hehehe and I even managed to grab myself a "Coach"" handbag and all this for the incredibly low price of 100 ringitt (equivalent of about 32 AUD) Yep they are really real ROFLOL I was happy to stay there for ages but Jacob started to freak out as there people everywhere and the smell was disgusting. Stuart even said that he couldn't handle the people. I think we will go the the Central Markets tomorrow instead and see how many more "genuine: bargains I can grab hold of.......
With the markets being us we decided that maybe it was time to come home. We grabbed the nearest cab, prayed that we would survive the drive and came back to the hotel where it was quickly decided that we were all too tired to go out for dinner and instead ordered room service. It cost us about 30 AUD to get room service and there was so much food we have left overs.
Well my day is nearly done as it is 9.30 and I am starting to get a little tired. Technically it is 11.30 for us but we have to get used to Malay time while we are here.

Ok I am going to sign off here and will continue this again tomorrow night. I do have photos to share and you can find them on my facebook. I will post them all to my blog once I get back home and edit them.
Hope this finds you all happy and healthy

Love to you all


Sunday, September 6, 2009

Today is the day

Today is Fathers Day so I would like to wish my father (deceased) a happy fathers day wherever he may be, also my father in law who has done so much for our family.

Today is also the day we fly out to Malaysia, everyone is the house is edgy and nervous and we are just driving each other nuts in anticipation. We do not fly out until 11 tonight so I am guessing that it is going to be one very looooooong day. I am pleased to say though that I have finally packed. Left it until this morning as I really couldn't be bothered before hehehe. I hope that I will not forget anything. As long as I have my camera and a spare pair of knickers then I will be fine LOL (actually I have packed a bit more than that)

Jacob is not coping too well. He doesn't cope well at the best of times which is part of his disability but when he knows there is change and stuff then he really finds it hard. I am sure that once he gets there and sets up his little area at the hotel then he too will be fine.

I am going to try and go on facebook everyday so that I can keep mum up to date with what is happening and I will also try and update my blog daily so as I don't forget anything when I get back. The children are going to keep a travel diary for the week that we are away as they are missing a week of school.

Anyway I am outta here, going to try and find something to do that will kill a few hours in the day.

Hope this finds you all well
Leanne xxx

Ps - next post will be coming from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia :-)