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Monday, June 29, 2009

Very Quiet

It is so very quiet at our house this week......

Our children have left us for a whole week to visit their grandparents. I am finding it very hard as I miss them heaps.

We put them on the plane on Saturday and won't see them again until this Saturday.

Stuart and I took the opportunity to go out for dinner on Saturday night which was lovely, just the two of us. We then came home and he sat on the couch and watched the football and I went to bed and read a book LOL. Sunday we got up early and went on an MX-5 Car Club run which was beautiful. The weather was perfect to be driving around in a little two door convertible sports car. Bliss. One of the ladies that was also on the run took a photo of us both which was lovely seeing as I am usually the one behind the camera

Once we got home from the run we got changed and then headed on over to the hospital to visit our friends and their beautiful little baby. He is just the sweetest little munchkin and I had a hard time letting him go. We toasted his birth with an amazing bottle of Grange Hermitage Wine. We have a bottle of the same wine but we are not opening ours until Stuart's 40th. Apparently the bottle is now worth approx $1000. Maybe I should just sell it LOL...... We have had it now for 11 years so I guess selling it would probably spell DIVORCE hehehehe. The boys thought it would make for a good photo to pop the wine in the babies bed..... Silly men.

Got to sleep in this morning - strange.

Take care and stay safe


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sPaRkLiNg sCrApBoOkS said...

What a cute picture! How nice to have alone time with your honey though. And to sleep in, YaY!
And that wine, OMG!I'd be afraid to even touch the bottle, wow!!!!! Well if you do open it up on Stuart's 40th, enjoy girl! You guys deserve it!