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Wednesday, June 3, 2009

A RETREAT and a TAG and a BAG

I made a bag thanks to the beautiful Janelle for creating the wonderful pattern. How cute is it and such a perfect size. I have had three people stop me and comment on it the other day when I took it out.

Well finally there is going to be a retreat by the fabulous Kim Archer, YAH this weekend is going to be an awesome one and one that I will be waiting for. It is going to be held in Salamander Bay which is just out of Newcastle on the weekend of the 6th, 7th and 8th November. Just have to get my plane tickets and then I am there YAH EXCITEMENT PLUS..........

I was also tagged this week by the beautiful Leanne.....

Now I have been requested to answer these questions....and then of course, tag 8 other bloggers. Here goes....

Q1. What are 8 things you look forward to:

1. November the 6th

2. Meeting Janelle at the retreat

3. making new friends at the retreat LOL

4. Scrapping with my beautiful friend this weekend.

5. going to bed - tired

6. Overseas holiday in September

7. Christmas.

8. Visiting Mum.

Q2 What are 8 things that you did yesterday

1. Washing - ugh

2. dropped children off at school and then picked them up again.

3. went to work

4. Facebooked.

5. Spoke to Sister in law on phone.

6. House work....yuck!

7. Took kids to Karate.

8. surfed the net.

Q3. What are the 8 things you wish you could do:

1. Go to Newcastle for weekends away with friends

2. Have financial freedom.

3. Hire a maid

4. Have more time with family

5. Win lotto

6. Learn to paint

7. see the "New Moon" movie before November 20

8. Click my fingers and have everything go right.

Q4. Name 8 things or shows you've watched lately:

1. Kids Karate lessons

2. Emma's dancing lessons

3. Neighbours

4. The News.

5. Master Chef

6. Emma at stretch classes


8. Desperate Housewives

No I need to tag 8 people so....... I am going to choose

Janelle Wind

Deb Famularo

Kim Archer

Melanie Brewin

Susan Hocking

Melanie Stanczyk

I can only really think of 6 people off the top of my head but if you want to do this then go ahead.

Well it is getting late and this little lady needs some sleep. Hope this finds you all fit and healthy.

Leanne xxx


Melanie B said...

Hey lovely, I will try to get to that this week!!! LOL

How cool a retreat hey!!! Looks like FUN.

Love the bag, it is gorgeous!!! Hope to catch up soon, have a great weekend.

Me xxx

Melanie B said...

PS I can't help myself keep watching the new moon trailer over & over again!!!! LOVE IT.

Leanne said...

hehehe... thanks for playing along. I never really know if people want to do this sort of thing or not, so it doesn't offend me if I tag someone and they don't. Have a great weekend!

Rachie said...

Your bag is very cute Leanne!

Love your answers to question number three - think mine would be the same :o)

Hope you are having a great weekend.
Rachie xx

P.S Getting a little feeling that you are looking forward to the retreat ;o)

Carolina said...

Nice bag Leanne, and hooray for the retreat, you'll have a ball :)