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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Busy Week

We have had what's felt like a very very busy week.

It started on Friday when we dropped Stuart off at the airport for his early morning flight to Melboure, work and then the after school pick up. We then got ready and went out for a lovely dinner with an amazing group of women. I was the only one to take my babies as I have no babysitter and I am very happy to say that their behaviour was absolutely perfect. We went to a little Malaysian Restaurant in Mudgeeraba and the food was divine. No photos to share of this one sorry :-(
Saturday was a pretty cruisy day, slept in until 8.30 when the kids decided to get out of bed and then lazed around house until Emma had to go to Karate training from 4 til 6. They only had light training to get ready for the Tournament the next day.
Sunday we awoke at 5.30am!!! It was still dark!!!!!!
Had to drive to Deception Bay for the Regional Karate Tournament. What a day that was. Emma had 28children in her group which was huge! She didn't get anywhere with her Kata but ended with the silver medal in Kumite (non contact fighting) Just think "Karate Kid" movie. Couldn't believe it when she came away with the silver medal, she even beat boys to get that. She is a talented little girl

Emma (smallest one) and friends

the moment of impact (yes it is supposed to be non contact)

getting her silver medal

School report came home today. She walked up to the car with tears in her eyes and I thought oh my how bad can it be. She showed me her report and there was a B for Physical Education.... What the!!!! Everything else were straight A's and she is adamant that she will be going to see the PE teacher tomorrow to get a please explain. The joys of having a 9 year old perfectionist.

Ok well I have dribbled on here long enough so will go.

Take care and stay safe



Leanne said...

Wow! What an incredibly, amazing and busy week you have had! I hope you can put your feet up and just breathe for a little while! Congrats to Miss E for her amazing achievements over the last little while. You have every right to be one proud Mama!

sPaRkLiNg sCrApBoOkS said...

YaY for Emma! And she gets a B in PE?? What the HeLL! Did you bring the silver medal to the PE teacher!!!!!!!!! OMG, tell your little sweetie that she has a big fan in Texas!!!!!!!!!!! xoxo