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Sunday, March 1, 2009

We are back from a very,very hectic weekend.

We went to Tea Gardens just north of Newcastle to see the school camp that our family has just purchased. It used to be the old Leylond Brothers World and is totally awesome. It now caters for school camps. There are rope climbs, commando courses, flying fox, indoor and outdoor rock climbing, archery, fencing, canoeing, kayaking, sailing, there is a movie theatre and auditorium, bungee jumping, we even have a pet snake called monty.

The kids had a ball (must admit I did too) but we are all so very tired and ready for bed. click this link to go see what there is to do. Was such a huge place, blew my socks off...........

It was such a lovely break though and we all got to celebrate my fil's 60th birthday and then on Saturday night we celebrated my sil's 30th. All in all there was not a minute that wasn't fun. Here are some photos, I do have more but didn't want to overload you all.....

All the cousins

Me at one of the archery places

More of the rug rats

Me all harnessed up for the rock climbing

Thanks for popping by
Leanne xxx

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Leanne said...

Hi Leanne, Hope you don't mind me following your blog...I love seeing all your new creations! If you prefer me to drop out then that is ok too (just send me a message via mine) I know how crazy and hectic it can all become (not that my stuff matches anything like what you create! Lol!) Hope you are well. Leanne.