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Sunday, March 8, 2009

So tired

Have had a fabulous day visiting, swimming and eating...

Set my alarm for 6am and got up with the intention of going to the markets. Great idea, made my coffee, got in the car and drove to Carrara Markets. Yah!!!! Got car park right out front which was a miracle but then noticed that there were not many cars there at all. Very strange as I thought the markets would already be super busy. Hah how wrong was I......... Apparently most of the stalls don't open until 7/7.30 so I had an hour plus to kill. Went back, sat in my car and played bubble breaker on my phone LOL. FINALLY some action appeared so I wandered in and got the little lace flower that I wanted to finish my layout with... Yep I went through all that hassle just for one lousy little lace flower. The things we do.

Got back home to find that Stuart and Jacob were still snoring their heads off, that is until Stuart's phone rang (no it wasn't me it was his dad). Cleaned up a bit around the house then started to get ready to visit our friends whom we have not seen for a while. Had to pick Emma up from her sleepover and got there to find one very grumpy, tired little girl. They never got to sleep until midnight..... Oh well it is not like she does it every night so it won't hurt her.

Had a fun afternoon with our friends. She cooked up a beautiful Thai feast for lunch (mmmm yummy) and then we poured ourselves a few drinkies and jumped in the pool. I am slightly waterlogged now though...... Nothing like spending a lazy Sunday afternoon in the pool with a glass of wine and good friends. Must say that I am definitely looking forward to my bed tonight though.

Jacob after a nice long swim

Emma playing with the jigsaw blow up thingamebobs

Emma and little Eden



And this photo of Em just beacause I like it.......

Hope you have all had a beautiful weekend
Take care and stay safe
Leanne :)

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