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Saturday, March 7, 2009

She scraps

Yah I did it!!!!

I scrapped!!!!!!

Would love to show you but I have to wait until I finish it first. Have to run down to the markets tomorrow morning and see if I can get a lace flower for it. I am making it for the scrapjacked site. Fun little comp each month.

It is only 8.15 but I am thinking that I will go to bed and read for a while. The house is very quite tonight as Emma has gone to a girlfriends house and Jacob has no one to argue with LOL. It must be very easy with only one child....... I am very happy with the three I have though and wouldn't give them up for quids.

Hope you all like my new blog. I made it in photoshop and then found a site that showed me how to make it my backgroud. Been wanting to learn how to do that for ages.....

Anyway, have a great weekend, take care and stay safe

Leanne xxx


Sheree said...

Very cute Leanne! You're too clever! Looking forward to seeing your layout!

Sheree xx

Gayle said...

Your blog layout looks great! What site told you how to make it??
Looking forward to seeing your new LOs.